hot Cali motor cuts out -crank sensor?

This symptom arrived for the first time yesterday, starting with rough running on the overrun after a bit of speed, then stalling at low revs, and deteriorated at the end of the day to cutting out completely each time the motor got hot. Breakdown guy was convinced it was the crank sensor (took that out, cleaned and sprayed to cool it, replaced and the motor ran fine again til it got up to temperature) -new ones are £120 so I’ll be grateful of a few others’ opinions…

Check out the thread in the non OEM parts section.It does sound like that sensor is a problem.

they are usually a hall effect sensor, so a local garage or someone with a sensitive multimeter connected across it should be able to see a pulse as the engine cranksif you loose that pulse when hot you have your culprit

£35 inc postage from! I’ll try local factor anyway. Thanks lots guys, I may try checking with a meter but looks as if this is the problem and something Baldrick told me to look out for. Link helpful Brian, my search didn’t find this.

Had terrible trouble with the Daytona hot starting, narrowed it down to engine oil temperature sensor, 60 quid plus from Guzzi, nice man from Potteries Diesel let us have a look thro catalogue, same sensor, 10 quid plus the dreaded…x

It was hot stopping was my problem, but this is good news -could you put the part no. in the non-OEM section?

Will have a look, was couple of years ago, x

New sensor fitted, bike’s run great for a couple of hundred miles now, 120 of them today -til a few miles from my stopover I dropped revs and it started popping and backfiring. I dropped the revs again and it cleaned up, and repeated the fault next time I dropped them, bang pop drop revs then then clean running til the next changedown. got here and found a blue left hand silencer. Hm. Once it’s cool I’ll start playing with connectors…

What a star I am. Suppressor cap loose! Red face :slight_smile:

Most of us have been there at some time. At least it wasn’t expensive.

Moral of story ~ check the simple stuff first

Oh yeah, I tend to do that cos I am usually suffering from the Hawaiian disease …!!! ( Hallakka mhunney)

Know just what you mean!

Not wanting to hijack the thread but…
Similar symptoms on the EV were caused by low battery voltage.
Glad it’s sorted

Yes that will play havoc with the electronic-wizardry

Funnily enough, cap came loose again on the way back from Yorkshire. Caps had done about 5000 miles, a year of use, and the plugs a few hundred. Methinks a little bit of foil around the thread of the plug connection.
One day when I feel like a random stop for a picnic, I may just put that old crank sensor back in to see if it is knackered!

Buy a new plug cap ya tight wad …

What!?! BUY another? I’d find the receipt first and get a replacement under guarantee!

Now THAT’S the way t’ do it … WHAT was I thinking … spending MORE mhunney… I grovel in apology and can only hope for forgiveness it was but a moment of weakness

… ahem … All his fault. When you say ‘loose’, loose on what exactly, plug or HT lead?