how to contact sellers

there are some v85tt parts for sale on the main website marketplace, the listing states if interested contact Robert De Chazal, but i cant see any way to send a message on the other site and that name doesn’t come up as a user in the forums.

any ideas?

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If you are talking about these, contact details are provided in the listing.

If you are talking about this one then click on the name and it brings up a box with an option to send a message

hi, thanks Don but it’s this one:

and don’t know how to send messages to people on the ‘other’ site.

I’m not sure that’s a facility on the main site - just here. There’s a user search here, but I don’t see anyone of that name. And on FB, but not finding them there either. I think that maybe the editor of Gambalunga posts the marketplace items (could be wrong), so that might be a good place to ask about the contact details for that listing. Editor, are you here? @rogershuff ?

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Most adverts in the Marketplace page include the sellers contact details, unfortunately this guy forgot to include them :roll_eyes: