Insurance changes?

Interesting development in the bike insurance field.
Gloria on the clubs FB page pointed out that her Carol Nash renewal stated that bikes without MoTs were not insured. This raises lots of questions for MoT exempt vehicles, bikes being ridden to an MoT and ‘laid up’ vehicles.
My own renewal arrived this week and had the same stipulation. I queried it with CN and the person taking the call confirmed that my laid up and not Mot’d bikes were not insured.
This is happening with other brokers and insurance companies.
Following a tip from Real Classic readers I contacted Lynbrook Insurance in Swindon and got a policy covering all my bikes at 20% less that CN and with the same cover (public liability, breakdown, EU cover etc). Amendments are not charged for by Lynbrook. I have been charged in the past for taking a bike off my policy part way through its term.
Not wanting to provoke another insurance debate but felt that the loss of laid up cover was important.
Have fun

Seems to be a minefield, Google “no mot no insurance”

I left Carole Nash a while back, they just got too expensive. There are companies that insure historic vehicles with or without a MOT. I get my Triumph tested, and will continue to do so even if it is not required, for my own peace of mind. My box of bits that is a Guzzi can only be insured under my household policy as it is not a bike until it is whole again.

Drat, you are about a month too late with this info Steve.
Got my CN renewal recently for a rider policy, a bit higher than I was expecting but ran with it due to going on holiday and not having left enough time to trawl around (so me own bloomin fault!)

So I’ve noted the info and will explore next year. Cheers

Carol Nash have not been a Private company run by people who care about motorcycles for a long while
its just a trading name and is part of Groupama a large French Concern

I gave up with them when the staff were trying to tell em that leaving an uninsured motorcycle on my property would mean it could be seized and crushed ( behind two gates and inside a locked workshop !!)
they also sold my details to a claims company and i had to spend sorting that out and being removed from the lists

I find Carole Nash amusing - this year they only quoted me 3 times what I pay with Peter James. Last year it was 4 times. I reckon if next year’s is only twice as much, in 2 years they may be cheaper than PJ :laughing:

I just had a quote from both Carole Nash and Lynbrook.
Both were for the same terms on a 2012 Guzzi Stelvio.

Carole Nash £208
Lynbrook £160.

On top of that Nash wanted £42 pound to add the bike to my current policy till the 18th Feb so really that would have been £250 in real terms - but for an extra month. So I’m cancelling the Nash policy and taking out a new Lynbrook one.

Yeah - CN stung me on admin charges for adding a bike this last year. Steeling myself to go through the rigours of renewing with someone else in a whiles - details for 13 bikes at least 2/3 of which have no MOT (historics).

I’ve been really impressed with Lynbrook. Just a week after taking out the policy I had to amend some of the details. ‘No problem’ says the very nice woman. ‘All sorted. No charge’.
Looking at the policies for bikes and car they have everything that I used to get from CN and then some.
Happy days

I asked Footman James yesterday if my bikes that were not taxed or MOT’d where still insured. They said yes.

Roy Green from the Forest of Dean

Good result.
The club will be looking into the issue and reporting back to the membership.
All the best

Thank you for this I will be looking into it. CN are not what they used to be.

Thanks all, just got a renewal from CN and as usual its going up again, an E mail to Lynbrook looks like its saving me over 15% (on a 13 bike policy) so I’ll probably go with them, the forum has helped me save the next 4 years MGCGB subs! :smiley:

Good result. The cover is at least as good as CN and I’ve noticed that I’m not getting calls for other insurance products such as home, pushbikes, antiques etc
So we can look forward to 4 years of subscriptions? :wink:
Have fun

Great result Steve, as long as the club keeps going in the same way as it has been for my last 20 years of membership (roughly) and I’m still breathing I’m hoping for more than 4 years renewals :smiley:

We’ll do our best on both counts!
Have fun

Lyndbrook had difficulty adding a modern (2007) bike to my policy. For me Footman James worked out best.

FJ get good press too.
Worth shopping around.
Which V7 have you got?

Not a V7.
1984 V50 3
2007 BMW K1200R Sport