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Hello, does anyone know where I can get public liability insurance to show my bike at classic events?

If it is a Club event, the Club’s insurance should usually cover that. Any Club, or any major event officially organised by a body with their own insurance.
If it is a privately organised (usually small-ish) event, then the organisers may not have insurance, and you would have to find your own (sorry, no idea how or where).
But in any case - if you are concerned about this issue, it is always better to be safe than sorry - so ask the organisers to confirm to you that while on their stand they provide the public liability insurance.

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Thanks for your advise.
I know that the organisers do not provide insurance and I have been trying everywhere to get public liability insurance, but nobody does.
That was the reason for asking.
I called my own insurance and they don’t do it, as every other insurance company I call, nobody does it.
I will not be taking any bikes to the show, but when I am there I will be asking all the other exhibitors how they manage to do it.

that sounds like a very good idea. I know this is something not usually offered on an individual basis (at least not an affordable one), which is why it is usually part of the organisers’ package. Official MGCGB events for example always had that covered via the Club’s insurance in the past. Maybe the BMF would be a good idea to contact? I suspect you’d have to be a member though - but they did offer insurance packages for Clubs at some point?
Again, good luck!

Try Footman-james or Peter James , they do all sorts of insurance

This is a very sensible request, generally any thing I visit my bike is parked in a public place, if its in a hall or showground then they should provide the additional cover, however problems could occur if your machine is not insured for road use, ie a display machine, and is stolen or damaged, and the real worry is that a certain sector of the community have worked out how to make money by faking accidents, a friend was at a show and noticed a machine being tampered with , and gained the impression that it was going to fall and injure a small group of visitors, they were definitely not interested in motorcycling, and their placement and grouping demonstrated this , it was at a farm type show and he is a farm hand, he felt that the application of a hard fist to the spine of the man was the best course of judgement followed by a beery apology
and he is not the sort to make mistakes, several other machines that had been wired to stands had been tampered with
although he was keeping an eye out for the pilfering brigade unscrewing shiny bits

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What your friend probably saw was an attempt to fit a tracker to the vehicle (or to the trailer it was on) so that it can be traced to where it is stored and then stolen.

This is becoming more and more common.

GPS tracker modules such as AirTags are getting smaller and smaller.