LED turn signals on V50

I bought 4 tiny LED turn signals, with a 3 pin Electronic flasher unit.
Unfortunately, it were a 3 pin unit - because my V50 mandello built 1979 had a flasher unit with just two pins!
One pin with two Brown wires(live+) and one pin with an orange wire.
NOW, I cannot figure out how to install the new flasher!
Only results for the moment are the small non-LED “arrows” in the binnacle, lighting normally up, while the LED show light, but absolutely WONT flash…

Does anybody have a clue?
Anybody alreday having this kind of installation?
Eventually, with just a two pin Electronic flasher unit??
Please - HELP!lasse2013-12-12 16:13:59

Do they have an inbuilt load resistor? I am looking at going down the LED route for all lights on my V50 so would be keen to know how your problem will be solved… probably by someone who will turn up soon

If new flasher unit is ‘electronic’ then it needs an earth wire. + live input from fusebox, output to indicator switch (orange wire?) and an earth wire to frame. I’ve got a Ford electronic one on mine, same there, 3 pins, one is earth. HTH

If you use a flasher unit made for LED indicators, you don’t need to bother with load resistors.

to mike h.
Hm. - the flasher unit has just 3 pins!
You talk about one ground wire + live from battery - wiring to indicator switch= that makes a Count of three…
But you also name an extra ground wire?
Could yopu please explain HOW to wire a 3 pin flasher unit into a V50 loom?
By the way, the new Electronic unit has letters on each pin.
B & L & (maybe)E, hard to read.
There isnt any Facility to connect an extra ground.

Take a look at this.http://www.autoelectricsupplies.co.uk/file_uploads/140102_wiring_diagram.jpeg Google is your friend.Just search for flasher relay connections in google images, hundreds of diagrams come up.
Brian UK2013-12-13 09:53:49

Yeah - might be hundreds, but the only diagram that NOT comes up, is a diagram explaining HOW to fit a 3 pin flasher unit into a two pin V50 loom…

If you know what country the flasher unit comes from or the original bike it’s from you might be able to work out what the letters stand for in that language,a possibility. Can you show a picture of it?RegardsJohn

B is + feed Brown wire
L is load (the lights) Orange wire
E is earth Connect it to any good earth.

^ What he said, you need to add a new wire that connects the earth tag to frame. Then it should work. By the way, if anyone is thinking of using one of these type flashers but also where your indicators are permanently live because of the hazard flasher option, then the flasher unit will be powered all the time and hence draining the battery. One possible option is maybe have the flasher powered via the park ignition switch position, that way you have the option to definitely only have it on when you need the hazards. Just a thought. HTH

Here for the relay marked


Of course the easiest thing to do is pop to your local vehicle factors, preferably one that also deals with caravans or trailers ask for a 2 pin flesher relay that WILL handle led’s…job done.

I bought one when the old flasher relay failed on hols cost £4.99 They are a standard itemguzzibear2013-12-13 12:41:47

100’s of wiring diags here …


Thank you all!
I have now ordered a two pin LED flasher unit, with an extra wire, to use for ground.
Still, I am not perfectly sure, HOW to incorporate the thing in a V50s loom…
Here is what I intend to do:
Fit the two V50 Brown live+ wires to B (battery) fit the orange wire to L = load, and finally fit the new ground wire from the flasher to bikes ground.

PS. I have also changed all the small warning lights in the binnacle to LEDs - should change the situation dramatically, because LEDs dont like oldfashioned bulbs in the loom…

Maybe I’m missing something but I assumed the V50 uses quarter-inch (6.3mm) push-on blade connectors for the flasher unit, in which case swap with another flasher unit that has exact same quarter-inch blade terminals, what’s the problem

It may well use a plastic connector to hold the blades in the correct alignment for the original flasher but if so, the 1/4" connectors can be removed from the plastic body and used as standard blade connectors. The same applies if it’s a relay socket.

Yes Mike H - you are certainly missing something…
This has NOTHING to do with the size of blade connectors.
(Which you would have known, had you read all about my “problems”)

Hi folks - a Picture, just to show how far the refurbishment has progressed…
As you know, my headache right now is “Electrics” - but I will definitely prevail, in the end![/IMG]

See the difference…[/IMG]

Well to some extent you have to look at what the flasher relay requires in terms of connections then work out how to incorporate that in your particular wiring loom.Otherwise it might be best to ask a local auto electrician to look at it.
Brian UK2013-12-15 09:12:15

Hi Brian - a proper two pin relay, with a ground lead are underways…
I am sure the Whole set up will Work, with this LED flasher unit!
All warning lights has also be changed to LEDs.