Loop throttle cables.

I want to renew the throttle cables on my Eldo, they are worn and I have a trip to France coming.It has twin cables, with the only adjustment mid way down their lengths. This doesn’t seem to do anything - I can unscrew the adjuster all the way, nearly 2cm and there is still the same amount of slack in the cable, what’s going on?Anyway I’m ordering new ones. Does anyone know what they should look like, and their length - adjusters? I have seen several different versions.And to muddy the waters I have found a one into two cable joiner on the frame top, for a single cable throttle > twin cables to carbs?Is there any advantage having two cables rather than one at the throttle. I would have thought it would be easier to adjust a single pull set up and that it would be a lot neater.

Or is it for the chokes?

The one into two is for the chokes.
Venhill’s are a good place to get your cables made how you want them. http://www.venhill.co.uk/HomeGrubby2014-08-10 20:06:26

Cos Moto Guzzi like it that way?      I agree that a single is easier to route around the steering head area. Mine has, with the 1:2 splitter under the tank, only 'cause the all-in-one righthand switch cluster plus incorporated twistgrip came off of a Honda Superdweam...    Clutch is ditto, with a fully variable lever control on the left 'bar.

Appendix: personally I find Venhill ones too thick. Only time I tried 'em were those I bought for the Bee-Em, that I never managed to make fit. Even after finally being given the correct length ones! If you fancy DIY’ing it and can solder, Vehicle Wiring Products do all the stuff here. http://www.vehicle-wiring-products.eu/VWP-onlinestore/motorcycle/controlcable.php HTH (?)
Mike H2014-08-10 20:24:22

My Eldo has a Tomaselli grip with twin cables. I replaced the original cables with Venhill copies which are much lighter to operate. I gave them the dimensions. Adjusters at both ends, but I just put the ones at the grip roughly in the middle and did all the setting-up at the carbs. Guzziology lists the cable details of what was originally fitted if you want them.

I will remove a cable and investigate tomorrow,if I can be excused from gardening! I just need to get the MOT sorted so I can register the bike.

Ah if you specified the dims then OK.    Maybe that's my problem, I think, was buying off-the-shelf 'XXX' pre-fabbed to fit 'YYY' bike, 'cept if the outer sleeve diameter is thicker than the OEM, it won't. Fit, that is.

Got tommi grips and twin cables off shelf from Gutzibits. Much easier than standard and MOT man likes the way that the throttles snap shut!