Mandello Del Lario Routes

I would be interested to hear of different routes people have taken to / from the UK to MDL - particularly non motorway journeys, favourite mountain passes and interesting towns to stop off at on route.

I usually go via dover to dunkirk if late ferry stop at Formula 1 Arras a fine city well worth seeingthen I follow the old roads avoiding motorways via Cambrai historic place full of memoriescaudry,Hirson,Charleville Mezziers also a F1 if you need to stop,Sedan, all on the N43 pletny of places to stop and eat then to Metz good campsite or F1 hotels,then cut across to St Avold on the A4 to Strasbourg anothe rnice place to stop and eat or rest,then pickup the A35/E25 to Mulhouse pletny of F1 super car museum ( days visit) alternative route to Mulhouse is Arras Cambrai Reims Chalons St Champagne, St Dizier , Chaumont,Vesoul, Belfort then I head into Basle crossing the Rhine and follow the E 35 sometimes I break off before the Tunnel and take the Andermatt Glacier pass and down the other side on the old Mussolini era roads to Ticino, then down to Bellinzona then comoor I cut across to Strasbourg and head out towards the Julier passe which brings you to Sankt Moritz then down the pass into mandello Del Lario
rapheal glynn2014-08-24 14:24:05

Thanks Russell, sounds like a good route - will get my map out later and have a good look

I shall dig mine out later and give you more infoare you camping or hotel ? the julier passe is very scenic and has the advantage of bringing you in the correct side of the lakedont forget a vignette for the suisse motorwayoften they come up on ebay cheaply enoughsome people try to charge silly money for them keep a note fo their details as ebay pull the ads occasionalyi think I piad 10 pounds for two last year and sold the other on
rapheal glynn2014-08-24 19:01:30

If I can get time away from work, I will stay in hotels this time - want to travel light on the Sporti.

dont forget the San Gottardo tunnel closes at 7.30 pm !!if its shut go over the andermatt ok if its not rainingyou can do it in 2 days from landing in francewill sort you out some details later

We did a similar route from Dunkirk taking in Spa (stayed near there), Nurburgring, Trier and Mulhouse - which is a pit but excellent roads to get there and at least it’s a good jumping off point to get to Como the next day. Mainly twisty roads and we did the Spluggen Pass which is the right side of the lake but quite tight in places. The fully loaded BMW had to do a 3 point turn on one bend!

Thanks for this, did you travel from Mulhouse to Como in one day?

We have done the, After a late evening Chunnel, and overnight near Calais wersion, we took a combination of rn and a little motorway, to auxerre then skirt under Switzerland to chamonix, from there you can use mountian roads to north Italy without needed to stump up for the Swiss swiz toll sticker, for which you can only buy a years worth

Last time we went via Croatia and a ferry from split to Italy

Gotta say I’m not sure how the keeping and selling on the Swiss swiz sticker works, as you are supposed, by law, to stick it to the vehicle and they are double sided…Halfnut2014-08-26 21:43:08

You don’t have much choice but to travel light on a Sport! Touring on my carb has taught me about travelling light.

If you are going to be down there in September, keep your eye out for a group of Older K series BMW’s with Austrian/German plates. The group will include a couple of Aussie guzzisti who would be interested in a chat.


Hi Mal,

I will keep an eye out for you. I will PM you my mobile number - maybe you can text me / email me when you are around MDL?



On the Norge in 2007 I did Nancy to Como in a day. WOnderful ride through the Vosges, lunch stop in Basle, through the Gottard tunnel (pass was closed) and in absolute streaming rain got to Como about 1730. Was with a guy on a scooter, so no heroic speeds. Easy day with a fuel stop mid morning and mid afternoon as well as a top up at lunch

Hi Larry,

Good to know. Thanks


Sorry, been away. Yes we did and got there in time for the museum (which obviously was shut!). Needed a prompt start in the morning but nothing desperate, wheels rolling by 8. We were staying in an F1 so there was no urge to linger anyway!

Aldo, when are you going?


Hi Steve,

Things are still subject to my work commitments - but fingers crossed, I hope to go towards the end of September. Are you going to MDL soon?


I also agree with Jon Cogdale on this, you should purchase one to thank the Swiss for their superb roads, and they are not that expensive.

I agree, but plan on using A roads only.

Be carefull there, unless you have a satnav as their road signing directs you onto Motorways without telling you.

Thanks for letting me know.