Maplin jp ultra 7000 ultrasonic whigmaleerie

Anyone any experience of this cheapo ultrasonic cleaner? Thinking about it for carb bits, spray nozzles and generally small pingfux item cleaning.



Link - JPL Ultra 7000

That’s the chap.


Not really, there is no x in the gaelic AFAIK. It’s an amalgam of two separate words for a small critical item that escapes and takes for ever to find. :blush:

Prince Albert swore by his ultrasonic cleaner . Myself  I use mine for anything from watch casngs to CDs

Pray tell, Michael of the woodstuff, what did HRH Albert need cleaned so scrupulously?

Possibly bird cack on his monument  .

Oh you are naughty.

Just bought one and tested it on my dried up Rotring 600 fountain pen nib. Both seem to work.

Rotring! I remember them. Should even have some somewhere

rotring - Have you seen the price these things are on eBay - Bejezzuzz…

Were never cheap as I remember. Speshly if you was an art student…

Aye with 0.15, 0.35, 0.5, & Â 1 then the stencils, inks and stands to keep them humid with the wee humidity gauge and bits of sponge. It all mounted up.

Gavin a question for you ,
with your ability to communicate with dolphins as proved in the past  so don’t they use ultrasound to communicate if they do you could dangle your small parts in the sea and let those dolphins do the business . Happy new year  :laughing:

Interesting take. They could be useful for something other than murdering porpoises and salmon around here. Otherwise maybe retrain the garra rufa “pedicure fish”?

I bought one very, very similar from Aldi, someone on here put up a list of useful things Aldi were selling on one of their ‘tool’ days, so I thought for the price it was ok and bought one, definitely worth it for the carb jets and stuff, I usually do them a few times just to make sure. It cleans most things , but as I said somethings need a couple of goes.

I haven’t had any luck with dolphins but I did get a couple of ‘pings’ from U 147 though!

At the risk of the abuse I received for previous posts on this subject :angry: Been using one of the ALDI units for a while now. Really impressive. For really mucky stuff I give a wash and brush with suitable solvent first and then use the ultrasonic. One o0f the critical factors is the solvent used. A lot of US folk recommend Pine-Sol which is Dettol in the UK. I’ve experimented with Dettol, white spirit, Jizer, water and a few otrher concoctions. Dettol seems to work well. Best of luck Steve