before I drill my new headlight to fit a sidelight
is it a MOT requirement to have one ? on a 1980 motorbike ?

You don’t need a side light.

Look at “Front position lamps and headlamps”

My bike test garage are a realistic and yet hot on with things like lights, fuel leaks and brakes (a good thing)
They pass the NTX without a sidelight and the EV with a main light that comes on with sidelight switch position.
Best of luck

Ray call Mark at Twiggers, me I would if needed just add a cycle LED as a parking light. The V11 Le Mans has a pilot light so mebbe they are needed. Side lights can be added easily especially with that fairingguzzibear2013-11-01 16:23:56

You can do a daylight mot I think with no lights?

You don’t need one. Dipped and main beam is sufficient.

You could always add a daylight running light like I have on the Spada, one of them LED ones, use next to no current, just bolt it on below the fairing.

the headlights are the old P45T PATTERN BULB (oLD FILIMENT GOLF BALL TYPE)
can get halogen bulbs to fit but not readily available in most shops if bulb blows
have just found a small converter that fits in the reflector and converts it to a readily available H4 bulb
therefore can use the most up to date bulbs for better lighting

Also in the dim past in my mind I seem to remember it was common practise to remove the reflector bulb shield in the actual light reflector when converting to halogen. does this ring a bell with anyone ?

Ex smokingbiker2013-11-01 22:13:16

Actually yes. Because all that is in the bulb itself isn’t it? At least the H4 lamps don’t have the shield but if memory serves the 45W ones did. Or a couple I had anyway. At least I think when we converted to H4, we got a whole lamp kit not just a bulb. Long time ago of course…

Re the ‘pilot’ bulb, thought you need a white light in front and red behind for parking at night, unless the law has changed, can’t see you using dip beam for that. Think that’s not allowed either. Always the chance you’re going to need park lights at both ends at night on a dark country road sometime. Sod’s law.

Parking (side) lights are now referred to as positioning lights as the requirement for leaving parking lights on has largely gone.The MOT manual says-A motor bicycle (with
or without a side car) fitted with a headlamp need not have a front position
lamp (but must have one on the side car, if a side car is fitted).
Brian UK2013-11-02 08:11:30

Not according to this: “All vehicles MUST display parking lights when parked on a road or a lay-by on a road with a speed limit greater than 30 mph (48 km/h).Law RVLR reg 24” Wow didn’t know you had to leave lights on in lay-by as well if > 30 mph Some sort of conflict here…

Yeah, but who parks up in a pitch dark road anyway, especially if cars are going past at +30mph. Breaking down is different of course. Anyway, the battery’d go dead. Easier to park it in a hedge.italianmotor2013-11-02 14:13:25

I guarantee the situation will arise when you wished you put a pilot light on the front Murphy’s Law…

Who’d have thought such a simple question would cause so much bother … the MOT requirement seems to be at logger-heads with rule 249 of the highway code.

I agree it’s all a bit odd, but you don’t have to park your bike on an unlit road.

I was told if you have switch gear with position for parking light then you must have one

Me simple surely not

[QUOTE=Mike H]

Who’d have thought such a simple question would cause so much bother … the MOT requirement seems to be at logger-heads with rule 249 of the highway code. Â Â Â [/QUOTE]

Personally I’d go with the highway code I think. So I’d drill it.

Don’t drill it, fit an extra light under the fairing and connect it to the pilot light circuit