Moto Guzzi Sightings

Another idea lifted from anothe Guzzi site, what Guzzi’s do you see out and about on the road.

I’ll start with a Monza spotted out in the pouring rain yesterday on the A5 in Hinckley. Was that you Tim?

Well I haven’t seen any today, but my daughter sent a picture of a Convert parked in her uni campus on Weds. In Egham.

I saw a black Nevada Classic in Barrow in Furness during the week,if your reading this get in touch with the Cumbria branch

[QUOTE=Don-Spada] Another idea lifted from anothe Guzzi site, what Guzzi’s do you see out and about on the road.
I’ll start with a Monza spotted out in the pouring rain yesterday on the A5 in Hinckley. Was that you Tim?[/QUOTE]
Tim came back from down south thursday and had every weather condition possible ,drown rat was is term

Is Tim’s Monza an X reg?I was going to Atherstone and there was an inch of snow all over the town, apparently it fell in a monster thunderstorm in about 15 minutes

Saw John Hooper on his loaded Cali EV yesterday afternoon.
Guessing he was on his way to the Clocks Forward

Spotted a silver Cali heading out of Wales on the M48 this afternoon ( ‘going the wrong way if you want decent roads’)

Saw loads of guzzi on way to and from clocks forward

Very heavily loaded Cali two up on was biggest I saw !

Charminster traffic lights, Bournemouth Sat 2.30ish …Black Griso

Sunday 650 NTX at Hilltop cafe Salisbury 12ish

and a well loved Cali at Compton Abbas Airfield, Shaftesbury about 2pmAndroid2014-03-30 17:57:21

V7 Ambo/Eldo at VMCC run.
Silver Norge Ellastone/Ashbourne area
Both riders appeared to be smiling

Since I started being interested in Guzzis, I have seen exactly 2, other than at Guzzi dealers - one was a V7 café racer at Matlock Bath and one was something older I couldn’t identify as it rumbled past in Nottingham. They are certainly a minority.

Silver norge llyods honda bikes of carlisle today ,he said never ever see s another guzzi when put so that makes two !! He came from st Bees

An off topic observation;
Guzzis tend be ridden greater distances and spend less time at a standstill or in town ‘to be seen’.
At one point in the 1980s there were 40+ Guzzi riders in North Staffs and yet you were more likely to see them outside the area.
Guzzi: Going Places
Happy spotting

No one spotted me on my 2 hour round the Chilterns ride on my rusty old Lodola yesterday afternoon? Or heard me (baffle’s dropped out…)

beat you.Other day endcan broke in two dued to bracket breaking . My stainless steel welding not pretty but worked

Spotted a V11 Sport and Griso at The Ravern cafe NR Whitchurch Shropshire.

Something V twin and black, going into Winchester from the south this morning. I was on my silver Breva at the roundabout off the M3.

A black Griso outside the Co op in Higham,dont no the owner but I got a feeling I will see him again and interrogate him.Stelvio on the Kimbolton road higham to St.neots,a good biking road in these parts.Looking foward to some more guzzi spotting from the truck now the evenings have become lighter.“watch out,there is a guzzi about”.

Well there’s a guy on a Griso I see passing through my town when I’m on my way to work or back.
I did acknowledge him one morning but he’s a very serious big lad and perhaps is far too much of a hard case to interact with someone riding a Jawa 350. Hey ho.

I was riding around the Surrey Hills yesterday and saw myself reflected in a showroom window. Does this count??
Oh and I was out with a mate on another Mk1 lemon so I saw his too!!!