Mounting of TOM TOM Rider on V85TT is there a neat solution

I’m now the proud owner of a Tom Tom having had too many close shaves with my 8yr old cycling Garmin. The unit looks great the mount is well ugly and not at all easy to position neatly

Just wondering if any of you V85TT owners have found a neat solution

Many thanks in advance

Welcome Mike, I do not have either a V85TT or a Tom Tom but have fitted a Garmin to my Stelvio, I’m sure someone will be along soon to give you their experiences. Do you have a photo of the standard mount?

Best wishes Chris

Hi Chris not to hand but it comprises a double knuckle joint with clamp this gives the ability to position the unit plus a clamp to the handle bar, its all rather a mess and large. It needs a plate that goes on to the handle bar clamp in my opinion that way the speedo can be seen over the sat nav. Users of tall screens sometimes have a horizontal bar that can be used eg BMW GS’s.

Hi mike
Givi bracket and switched live by battery I’m Midlands based and happy to help

Many thanks
So how do you find the V85 as compared to the GS or perhaps an RS. I dont have a tall screen so it would be really exposed. SW Motech have a plate that mounts off the handle bar fixing plate, I will hopefully get some dims.


My Garmin is mounted on the left hand handle bar, I think it is better to the side as it is not so distracting. It works for me :grinning:

Gimpo Garage, do a good mount which fits with all four screen bolts so is more stable than the Givi one

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My Breva 1100 has a hollow steering stem between the handlebars. I bought a Ram Mount that expands inside it and grips firmly, and the ball on the top of the mount fits another extension leg Ram Mount on which the Tom Tom base fits. It places the sat nav centrally to my view and adjusts to the best angle.
I believe that Ram offer a lifetime guarantee, and I have just written asking for a replacement ball which has finally collapsed after some 6 years of use.

I’d recommend you look into the Beeline Moto.
A watch face sized Bluetooth repeater, working off your smartphone’s Google maps. So small they will fit somewhere and remain unobtrusive

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My Garmin is fitted to the left side of the handlebar on a ball mount and clamp, a) because it’s closer and easier to use with the left hand and b) because that’s as far as the lead will stretch to.

I made the mistake with my Triumph of getting a screen mount only to find the lead wasn’t long enough if you wire in direct to the battery as I do as it makes it easier when swapping to a new bike.

And for good measure I also have a waterproof phone mount for the MIA which is a non permanent fixture and sits on a mini ball mount.

Why the two? In heavy rain and with thick waterproof gloves on the phone mount is difficult to use and has misted up a few times, the Garmin is much quicker to set up and by all accounts the MIA is only free for 3 years from new registration and I’ve yet to find out how much the renewal will be, Garmin being lifetime updates.

I made a bracket that uses the the spot lamp screws to fit a Tom Tom, works fine, right next to the usb port, neat and does not foul the handle bars.
Regards Bob.

My neat solution is the phone in my pocket connected to MIA and the turn by turn on the dash. I’ve tried google maps and tomtom on a quadlock mount and tbh although they each have some advantadges overall the guzzi/here maps app via the dash is just way less hassle and easier.

I have a 550 and mounted it above the dash on a Gimpo Garage mount. Highly recommended. Well made and rock steady. GPS holder x Guzzi V85 - Ramper - Gimpo Garage. I started by using the USB port with a short lead, but eventually got round to wiring it directly to the battery. The original TomTom lead supplied was long enough to go under the tank and up to the bracket.

As an option I notice Evotech have just bought out a new range of fitments for Tom Tom Beeline and phone mounts for V7/V85TT and V100 plus same for many other bikes.

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Don’t make riding a motorcycle more dangerous by being distracted by adding a satnav. The latest piece in Gambalunga quotes riding bikes being 70% more dangerous than car driving.
Try out a Beeline Moto device which is small enough to fit anywhere on your bike, and simply displays an arrow for which way to turn. Half the price of a dedicated bike satnav too.
You can still check on a mobile phone anyway for a quick look on Google maps.

Are there any statistics to show that a satnav is any more distracting than any of the other instruments provided on a motorcycle?

Do you happen to work for Beeline by any chance?

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I don’t work for beeline or have any connection with them. My wife bought me one second hand off eBay. When I use the car satnav I know it is a big distraction. I’ve not seen any figures quoting about accidents related to satnavs.
It was bought to fit into the limited space on my Blackbird sportstourer cockpit.
I’ll be putting it onto the Le Mans when I go on a long trip once it’s got the electrics and carbs fettled.