Tom Tom fitting for a V85

Continuing the discussion from Mounting of TOM TOM Rider on V85TT is there a neat solution:

Hi Mike, yes an easy solution. Having bought a Guardia D’Onore I was faced with the same problem. I made a small bracket that fits behind the spot lights and protrudes through the frame next to the usb socket, I mounted the round sat nav bracket to it and clipped on the Tom Tom sat nav, I plugged in the usb lead into the usb socket and hey presto it all works fine missing all the controls when you turn the handlebars.
If you want further details then email me at I can send you some pictures and if you like a pattern of the bracket, I ought to market them as my son has one I made. I used it on a trip to Mandello 2021, no problems.
Regards Bob.

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