New memberhave a 71

Hi all newby here,just picked up a 79 1000sp previous owner has done some work but still a few jobs to do,looking forward to meeting members and chats ect I also have a 71 Commando so a big twin lover.


Welcome, Roy. What area are you in? We may have members local to you.

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Hi Barry forgot to mention I’m in the Worcester area.

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Hi Roy
I have a 76 SP which I am currently restoring. Would love to see some photo’s of yours.

Hi Bob not sure how to post pics,just bought the bike it’s had a bit done to it but not a resto so still jobs to do I also have a Norton commando certainly a different ride.

uploading pictures?

I have just been collating pics of my old Spada. Email and I will send you a selection, if that helps!

That would be great.