NTX and TT 900?

Seen today on (other) social media.
Text translates as
"Two attractive forms of the new V9 to revitalize seriously MOTO GUZZI range. NTX and TT, two substantially similar machines technically, but philosophically differ very much! The NTX is a modern Crossover medium-high capacity, well-dimensionally structured, family trips, but also with excellent off-road abilities, the TT more essential, from the decidedly off road, not meant to motocrossistiche evolutions, but fun and performance in rugged paths and fast, as well as for an ordinary citizen and recreational use. Two modern motorcycles but with classical solutions, which could bring MOTO GUZZI, in a sector, that of non-competitive off-road, abandoned for too long! As well as technically then, even at the level of the superstructure, the two models have the main parts in common, with favorable effects on the economies of scale. Now, with the new V9, powertrain that lends itself to many uses, it would be a quick image renewal for the House of Mandello, and these TT & NTX surely find admirers.W
Interesting times,

Oh, I so hope so.

NTX is a nice mini Stelvio, I like the TT too, better than a blobber or whatever :sunglasses:

pity it still uses the twin shock suspension set up

Yes, hardly a testament to development investment.
That’s enough -ments for a week :confused:

Maybe a mono shock would raise the seat height? No you are right it’s all about cost! :unamused:

Didn’t see link above so have removed mine. :blush:

The modern V50 based range just doesn’t cut it in this day and age, no matter how they tart them up. I’m sure Guzzi could have made this emission compliant if they’d applied themselves. I would’ve bought one, as I’m sure lots on here would as well.

Well, they didn’t. Swallow. Time to move on.

Very true, time to move on, but I’m afraid if it’s a new bike it most definitely won’t be a Guzzi.

I’m afraid the is the answer that both Kevin and Moto Guzzi deserve.
They have been in this situation before and survived it, perhaps the Hipsters will save them this time.

I have to agree that the surge towards ‘More power/more tech’ would make the V7 based models redundant.


Look at what they offer: Light weight, simplicity, customisable features, excellent tank range and low maintenance. How many other bikes (even bigger Guzzi models) can boast all of these credentials?

If you are after something fast and exciting, then either buy a performance bike or (dare I suggest) ride something like a V7 on roads that are suitable for it so it feels fast and exciting :slight_smile:. I really hope the V9 derivatives sell well for Guzzi’s sake and ours. Even if we aren’t interested in buying one.

Personally, I like the idea of a V9 Stelvio. If there was one thing I could change on mine it would be a reduction to around 200kg. I DO occasionally use all 105BHP but only because it’s there and I’ll happily trade a bit of power to get the weight down but we all know which stats the average punter favours. I’ve taken this approach with my CCM (125kg/40BHP) which is just as much fun to ride (but I don’t do motorways unless someone buys me an ice cream).


Ok Jon, but compare the Bella engine in my dream bike with the new V9.
V9, 850cc - 55BHP - 48ft lb torque.
Bellagio, 935cc - 75BHP - 55ft lb torque.

Only 85cc more gives a much needed 20BHP extra with very similar torque. We’re still not talking massive warp power here.
Yes, there is a bit more complication with CARC etc, but at least you can see a vast improvement on 1980’s based technology.
Guzzi have developed the wrong engine to my mind.

Yep, I had a chance to ride a well-sorted Bellagio the other weekend and it was grin factor 10! It’s still heavier and taller (in terms of those with lil’ legs reaching the ground) than the V7 and one guy I know who has had both, says the V7 is more relaxed requiring less gear changing so it’s not all win-win. The Bella is a lovely bike, though, and certainly I share your enthusiasm for it. In fact, it felt as revvy as my 8V Griso :slight_smile:

The problem of course is Euro4, which has killed this and also, it seems, the 8V 1200. Maybe there will be a better breathing V9 one day (4V per cyl.) which could get closer to your dream :slight_smile:


Going up to Sue and Keiths last Friday I was struck by how much the Bella would suit an automatic box for pure good relaxed fun.

Do I see a future Convert owner over the horizon…

When looking at that which Guzzi should do, we need to percieve the brand within the Piaggio marque. I long for the return an upgrade of the 750 Breva. But the sharp lines and sharp sorted handling (up to 80 anyway) starts the marque self cannibalising, hence the V7, and now the V9. Guzzi are Piaggio’s competition to the Triumph Twins, Ducati scamblers, Kawa W800 and Harley. I would delighted to see a new V11 or LeMan, but with Aprilia in the marque, I see it don’t fit and neither does the CARC range.

Guzzi have the 1400cc engine. If they thought the market would support it and could afford the development, they could make something sporty using it. A MK6 Lemans might be a step too far but as we know, nostalgia sells.

Just like the 90’s Monster did for Ducati, sales of the V7 have kept Guzzi alive…yet we hear so many complaints about it.


Oops …seems to have posted twice…

A Mk 6 Le Mans…now theres a thought…
When I roadtested a Griso with a view to buying it…I got off after about 10 miles …somewhat underwhelmed…Guy jumped on and loved it…meanwhile I was happy on his old cali…
Guy bought the Griso…but eventually sold it…mainly due to its electrickery…we thought the motor itself was a diamond. I didnt like its handling characteristics…spine over tonti ? Tonti everytime…
Agree re Bellagio motor…I rode Pauls…smashin thing…so thats me…Bella motor in a Tonti frame…and no …I wont get what I want either ! :laughing: