parts for singles

A few useful places to get parts and consumables:

The last is a Ducati site, but many of the electrical parts where common with Guzzi.

If anyone knows of others, post em!

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During my meanderings around the net looking for information and bits and pieces for singles I have saved the below sites to my favourites. I know I leave myself exposed as the sad barsteward I am, but in the interests of the cause I have posted them here. Obviously some will be considered crap but some are gems of knowledge. Good surfing!
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Lawrence2012-03-09 19:31:12

I think you two are barstewards anyway. Where were you 2 years ago when my bike looked like this: Excellent links. Thanks guys. Steve

steveindenmark2012-03-16 17:57:12

Some extremely useful links there chaps, especially some of the PDF manuals of very obscure bikes - thanks very much!

Found another good source of literature for older Guzzi singles, in fact all sorts of old Italian bikesDocuments

Thanks to all of you for the above links. I have shown no shame and have moved all of them into my favourites, thanks again.

I know many of the singles guys get their parts from Agostini in Mandello

Also manuals and riders handbooks for many singles are available via Mike Lacey see his ad in Gambalunga

Just wanted to check if anyone has had experience with AT at nonsolomotoguzzi. I ordered parts with an email exchange and transferred funds about 3 weeks ago, but no acknowledgement and no parts!?
Thanks, Simon

Not bought anything but got a quick reply via email for an enquiry, mind you I wrote in Italian so easier for them to digest.

Thanks. I’ll give them a chase using Google translate!

It’s not good business is it really to not even acknowledge a payment?

That’s what raised my concern. I got the impression it was all very relaxed. I’ll keep you posted.

Send them an email with "Con Urgenza’ in the subject field

I’ll give it a go! Thanks

I am finding out that a lot of Lambretta parts are common with Guzzi singles of the 1960’s. Just ordered a reproduction speedo for the Stornello £15 plus £5 delivery from Delhi!The alternative was 140 Euros from Italy.There is quite an industry creating new parts for the scooters and the prices from India are dirt cheap. A brand new scooter carb for £25. Maybe we should try and get them making Guzzi parts.

Problem is in my limited scooter experience is that Indian-made parts are, or used to be shoddy, and a false economy. It may have changed now, tell us when your speedo arrives…

At £20-00 it will look about right, not sure about accuracy as the wheel size will be wrong, the proper one reads up to 140Km/hr this one only goes up to 100, plus it will read in Km not miles but it will look about right and fill the hole in the speedo. I might just fit a bicycle one discretely somewhere for a proper speedo.Tempted to try a set of brake and clutch levers (with mounts) for the grand sum of £5.90 plus £3.46 postage from Delhi. The front brake lever even has a switch for the brake light! Just how do they do it for that money?

Hope it won’t hurt to find out…

Am looking for main bearing with oil seal for zigolo 110, or suggested replacement, anyone any ideas???

Given that this NOS veglia costs 235Euros, I’d say it’s worth a punt.

You may be ok with the gearing - I think they made the head to the same pattern and changed the gearing at the front wheel to suit the bike.
I got mine from Brian Peck, he had a few under the bench in need of rebuilding a couple of years ago…

ebayitaly veglia