Redex Injector cleaner

Tesco’s in some places has this for £2 a bottle 1 bottle treats 100 litres of fuel basically 4 tank fulls on a 20-25 litre tank, it makes a huge difference to the running

often wonder if supermarket fuels are cheaper because additives like this are missing…

good deal guzzibear, well spotted and thanks.

I was not aware that injector cleaner was ever added to petrol by the supplier. If it was there would not be the large number of aftermarket suppliers.Round here, supermarket fuel is usually the same price as any other, sometimes it’s more expensive.

Petrol and diesel do contain detergents and other additives…but how much and of whast qualities I no idea.

My Tesco, £4 a bottle.

I did say SOME Tesco’s If you are going to the VTwin I will get you a couple of bottles mate… as long as they have it still

It does seem to make a difference to the cars and the V11 You do not have to be too pedantic about the measurement, 1/4 bottle treats 20-25 litres of fuel and the side of the bottle is marked …
I use redex in the older Guzzi about every 6 months I bung some in the cars and V11 once a year

Is that in every tank full or once in a while, GB?

Is there any repeatable, specific, quantifiable improvement with the use of this stuff?

I just throw in some extract of adder spleen and a sing a verse of a gaelic waulking song. Seems to do the trick

Don’t know about snake oil, but the injector cleaner does make a difference if the injectors are showing signs of being clogged. This is equally true in diesels and can make all the difference to a diesel smoke test result.Gaelic chants of course are known for their ability to cure all ills.

I concur with diesel application but unconvinced about puttetrol efficacy. Carbon tet (Carb cleaner spray) in carbs or TB inlet tract and a slug in fuel line, new fuel filter, new fuel and a run involving WOT seems to do the trick. A puirt à beul is not mandatory but does appear to do the business.

I used to know a bloke who was told his petrol ijection car woth 120,000 miles on it needed new injectors.Told him to try injector cleaner.He did.New injectors no longer needed.The 120,000 miles seemed to be about standard on cars 20 years ago.

I do the V11 roughly every 6 months depending on useage, cars yearly, It does seem to make a differenct to fuel consumption and certainly on the V11 it seems smoother and crisper.

I started using the fi cleaner in the V11 a couple of years ago and having got some at a discount I also bunged it in the cars.

At last MOT the garage did comment on both cars how clean the emmisions were , expecting them to be higher. I tend to use the RedEx as I have popped the carb redex in the V1000 and Virago for many years.

It does not cost alot and seems to have a +ve effect.

The Only other additive I have used in the fuel is the Millers octane boost which does seem to work well but since fuel has risen so much it became a luxury not easily affordable.

My local tesco £4 for redex petrol and offer on Diesel £2 only ?

Can still remember the Redex pump at the local garage, 2d (0.8333p) for a shot in the petrol which claimed to clean your valves and piston tops, reducing the need for a decoke.

Has anyone used that American stuff…‘seafoam’? It generally gets good reviews in the USA, can be used for cleaning carbs and FI, and also as a fuel stabiliser. I’ve been occassionly putting it into my bikes over the last 12 months, nothing adverse yet, and the old Triumph 900 trophy that was laid up for years seems to run well.

I also remember this at our local village garage. In those days self-service was unheard of, the old codger would come out and put few gallons in my tank, I’d give him a ten shilling note and while he was going back to his office for my change I’d help myself to a quick squirt of Redex… Those were the days…

Old codger! My first job was petrol attendant at 14.Got sacked for stealing half a crown.2 months later they found the half crown and apolagised and offered me the job back.And Redex was only a penny a shot.
iandunmore2013-08-13 08:28:00

OK - is this stuff going to help the 1200? Motorsport reckon the throttle bodies need taking off and ultrasonically cleaning, after 40,000 miles of dodgy petrol they have got coated and gummed up.
The job is at least a days work!! + they will not guaruntee that the high idling and occasional small backfire on tickover won’t go.

I’ve started using the expensive petrol to see if that helps - but if a bottle of redex might clear things out …


At a few quid a shot what do you have to lose?

Nothing to lose. Also have you checked that the stepper motor is working correctly? There are many reports of high idle speed which have been cured by closing the air input to said stepper motor.