Afternoon All
Ok purchased a service kit from Gutsibits including the required oil and hopefully next weekend going to make a start giving the bike some love and attention.
The bikes a 1995 1100i Cali
what is the essential list of service jobs? please do not get me wrong I am not looking for work However I feel the experience on here could kick up some worthwhile tasks and may be cancel some labour intensive things which are not worth doing.
Example reading the rag it sounds like cleaning the crank position sensor is worth doing.
Anyone got a check list?

Thanks in advance

It will be interesting to see if your old oil filter is date stamped. Mine was, so much for it being dealer serviced, as the PO said!

A Min service or interim?


Oil change
check gearbox and bevel box
Check brake pads
Check lights and electrics horn flasher
check tappetts
Check tyres

Main service

Oil AND filter change
Change gearbox and bevel oil add moly to bevel box
Check tappetts
check replace brake pads
go over nuts and bolts re tourque them
grease wheel bearings
check the UJ re grease if there are grease nipples
Check steering head bearings
Check timing chain
Check Tyres
Check the gear and brake linkage adjust if needed. DO NOT forget the link where it joins the gearbox THIS bolt can and will work loose causing no gears.

Others may add other things they do I replace the oil filter every other service. The UFI filter is good for many many more miles than 2x service intervals on a Guzzi there was a web site that checked all oil filters and UFI came out incredibly well designed for a HUGE Yank V8 with 20,000+ mile service intervals.guzzibear2014-02-13 12:01:09

Cheers Gents…

Main service: Brake fluid ~ if age unknown, bleed to replace with new, repeat every 2 - 4 years. If alternator got brushes, check length and clean slip-rings. HTH

Time to lube your cables probably Col :slight_smile:


Good! Forgot that one

Careful doing that if they are the teflon or similar lined type. Oil can make the lining swell, causing the cable to stiffen.

Consider the air and fuel filter as well if it is a long time since they were changed. Air filter is easy, fuel filter is a bit of a pain in the a*?!. Also worth checking the gear linkage where it attaches to the splined shaft at the back of the gearbox. It has a habit of working loose and falling off. You can practically guarantee this will happen at the worst possible time.



Gear linkage came a drift last year managed to get home 25 miles in top gear two up.
Didn’t chance stopping to see what it was in case I could not fix it and I would never get started again. Try doing that on anything but a big bore v twin…
thanks for the tip guys

If it is the floorboard linkage worth getting soem of the tiny circlips that fit at the gear pedal both ends of the rod.

If the one towards the back goes you can always take the front one off, the cases will keep it connected, I know as mine ran without one there for about 5 years . I put one on as it can be used as a spare. Only once in 20 + yrs has the rear one fell off, they do wear.

BUT often if you loose gears it is nearly always the lever come off the back of the gearbox the bolt works loose and it just vibrates off, had this happen 3 times over 20+ years. easy if messy to fix.

Worth having a couple of split pins , circlips and the 6mm bolt and a couple of 13mm nuts in a wee box if touring. Mine is taped to the frame behind the side panel takes no room but if you need 'em you need 'em

I did mention checking gear and brake linkages annually ! remember split pins and circlips DO wear and will fail, for the tiny cost replace them, I bought a box of mixed circlips from Maplins real cheap worth having.guzzibear2014-02-13 12:02:33

+1 for carrying the odd nut and bolt and split pins, also a piece of stiff wire is useful, once had to tie up a silencer when the hanger bracket fractured using that. A much earlier time I had to tie up the sidestand of the CD175 after I’d thrown it down the road and the spring flew off, never to be seen again.

I recall using the belt of my old Belstaff jacket to refit a silencer many years ago!

Hope all goes well, Col. Ready for the Scotland run. Don’t forget the nyloc nuts for the new pannier rails…don’t want to run over scrap iron as she sheds weight!

Eye Mike we need to firm things up and lock things on over the next couple of months.

All good stuff guys many thanks …
both local knowledge and experience always come very high on understanding what’s best with most things!!

So far so bad…
After attempting to remove an reinstate the gear box sump plug fo 1hour I decided it was in possible with out removing the balance box! Which meant removing the silencers exhausts are never my favourite always corroded so now I have snapped all the mounting bolts and a exhaust clamp…This could be a long service.

Spray plus gas, or 3 in 1 oil over the bolts a day before you want to move them.

On the bright side, you’ll have to get shiny new bolts and clamps now, so next time should be a lot easier. Speshly if they’re stainless. Plumbing the hidden depths of an as yet unexplored exhaust system is one of those “grasp the nettle” type moments . . . always expect trouble . . . . .
Mike H2014-02-17 17:26:01

And when re-aasembling use a bit of Coppaslip on the threads. it will come apart easily next time.


Nylon zip ties go together cover multitudes of emergencies from snapped bungee , ripped zip on a bag, holding a silencer on all sorts.

A Long time ago I experimented with the wrapping of exhaust, didn’t like it BUT had loads of zorst wrap spare SO I cut 2 bits off the roll BIG enough to fit around a silencer takes no room and hardly any space BUT means a zip tie will work on any of the silencers.

These wee little bits are often real usefull have to say I must have used more of them helping other bikers than I have used on my bike, but hey even THAT gives ME a pleasing glow, old school I suppose but you know especially if it is a mate OR a kid on a wee scoot.

One time comming back from the V twin we stopped twice to assist scooters sat on the side of the road the LOOK on their faces when the Guzzi, Annies Virago and Nick on his VFR stopped was priceless

Once had a footrest peg break on the pillion footrest, held it on for 2 miles with zip tie found a hardware store bought a long coach bolt and couple of nuts made a brill footrest even the rubber went over the open end then 1 nut a washer then tother so the rounded end of the coach bolt held the rubber on and it made an excellent footrest repair.guzzibear2014-02-17 19:22:57