side stand V50

i have what looks to be the correct shape side stand but with a rubber wedge (similar to honda superdream, but not identical) and only one spring and it fits and works fine, would this be standard issue?

what model and year ?

hi, it is a v50 and is 1980

There is only one spring on my V50, but I don’t know what you mean by the rubber wedge, mine doesn’t seem to have such a thing. Unfortunately the bike is packed in a bit at the moment, and it’s peeing down outside, otherwise I would get a photo for you.The stand flips up when the weight is lifted off it which is correct.

thanks for your reply my side stand does not have a spring on it at the moment so it does’nt go anywhere, but there is no spigot to kick down the stand

[/URL]jon baker2014-02-14 13:49:46

hope this picture comes out, by the way the stand is on the right

My small block side standyour bike will be 30+ years old so in that times different owners could had changed some things.the stand should be on the left hand side.

northwest2014-02-14 16:25:12

my stand is on the left hand side but as you can see it has a rubber wedge on it. i also have a honda superdream which has something similar, so i will change it to your type

Doh! i see what you mean, i said the stand is on the right i realised my little dogs leg is showing on the left of the first photo! (i was trying to be funny) jon baker2014-02-14 16:39:05

That bit of rubber looks like an addition put there by a previous owner.

I seem to remember that some bikes, (can’t remember which!) had a rubber block there to flip up the stand if it was accidentally left down?

Yep, Honda’s for sure the Bros and NC24 both have them. Never noticed them on a Guzzi.

No reason why if it fits you can’t use it the OEM V50 sidestand is a nightmare, leave the bike on the sidestand at your peril, a strong wind (sic) can force it over enough to flip the sidestand up and yeah that looks like a honda style sidestand rubber

to be honest it does’nt seem to go far enough forward so i am getting the original stand for it

My sidestand, now I’ve had time to check, is identical to the picture posted by Northwest. these two on e-bay

thanks for that i have just bought the right type of stand and springs, it will be going with the frame and main stand to the powder coaters end of the month

oh i dont like the sound of that…i was hoping to get away with just the sidestand on my V50 to save the weight of the centre stand…i am not likely to go out in windy/rubbish weather so hope i can get away with just the side stand.

A bit late, maybe - but on my 1979 V50, I just used my angle grinder on the original sidestand, to let it go just 4 cm more forward!
So now, the bike leans more than standard - but even Wind, storm, or a careless push, will ever get the bike to topple acidently over…
A VERY easy fix.