Sore wrist

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Perhaps the symptoms are in consequence of an underlying condition, such as, an upper limb disorder. For example, if you use display screen equipment (dse) regularly or undertake an activity that requires you to repeat the movement regularly. I have a metal plate in my right wrist, and have found the Oxford cruise, throttle assist very helpful, because I can rest my hand. However, I would suggest speaking with your GP.

Thanks Chris, and it had crossed my mind.

I have been having physio on a frozen shoulder type pain in my right arm.

Perhaps the 2 are linked?

I do remember reading somewhere prior to purchase of bike , that someone else had the same issue as me.

I guess time will tell.

Many thanks.

lay your hands on top of the grips, and see if the line of your hand across the base of the fingers, runs parallel to the bars
I see a lot of cyclists with 5 foot wide handlebars riding through town !!
the bars are usually straight as well
they get wrist pains
a workmate used to have wrist pains with his Kawasaki ER5, he had long arms, and when I got him to lay his hands flat across the grips I noticed the bars were twisted too far inwards at the ends so causing his wrist to pen to the right
I laid some thin ply across the bars, and with his hands resting on them drew a line across the base of his fingers on the base line
I then removed the bars
heated them and bent them back at the grip end by one inch, he had moved the bars forward in the clamps so it exaggerated the problem
re fitted the bars and grips and sent him out for a test ride
no further problems