V85 TT Sore wrist

Hi, I am new to Moto Guzzi, and have a V85 TT.

Due to work and weather (I’m a fair weather rider),
I have only ridden it a handful of times since buying in June this year.

After each ride, my throttle hand, and in particular the thumb, is sore, and this goes into the wrist.

Has anybody else experienced this, and if so, any ideas on how to stop it?

I use cruise control where possible, and today had the heated grips on to see if that helps (it hasn’t)

Many thanks.

I get that on my Mutistrada. But not as much on my Breva. I thinbk wide bars on Adventure bikes bring it on. Probably age and arthritis has something to do with it in my case :sweat_smile:

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I found the bars too low which meant I had pressure on the wrong area of my hand, like I was putting my weight on the palms mostly.

Tilting the bars up has alleviated this a bit. Bar risers will probably help more in my case.

There is a throttle modification to a lighter spring, a couple of people in the NI branch of the club have done this - Buckymoto on YouTube has a video of it. Not sure if this is what caused you to get sore thumb but might be worth looking into.

Thank you for the replies.

I will look at bars and possible risers, and the throttle mod.

Happy biking.

Have a look at Grip Puppies. For me, the extra diameter gives a more relaxed grip and the foam helps damp vibration.
Heated grips still work, just takes a little longer to feel the warmth.

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Thanks, I’ve got a few ideas now as to how to fix problem. Don’t want to have to sell the bike.

Andy, bit of a curved ball but meant in good faith… I teach and practice yoga and the movements we use really strengthen the hands, wrist, forearms, shoulder and rotator cuff. I also have a V1100 and Le Man’s 3. Now the LM is a beast to ride and I couldn’t use it as I do at 62, without the yoga. I’m going to put a video together, aimed at bikers, to help improve comfort on a bike and I’ll stick a link on the forum when it’s ready. Keep hold of the V85, they’re lovely bikes and I think you’ll work it out.


Hi, thanks for reply, I hadn’t thought of yoga as a help.

I will certainly be keen to see video when you have made it, I am open to trying new things to help out.

Many thanks.

Great idea Yogi-rich I look forward to seeing it. Best wishes Chris

I noticed the strong ‘return spring’ on the v85tt throttle the first time I rode it. Didn’t have to go any distance, it was immediately noticeable, especially compared to other modern bikes (40mm Dell’ortos not so much…). Means you have to grip it a little more than usual, causing the soreness fatigue you refer to. Better/worse with different gloves - I’ve one pair that work okay, another with an almost smooth palm that are too slippery. I will be fitting grip puppies and also to address the slight vibes (worked well on my 1200 Multistrada). I’ve read elsewhere that that OEM MG heated grips have a lighter ‘spring’ - the entire throttle assembly is replaced - but it seems you may already have those?

Check out YouTube there’s a video from someone who modified their throttle to overcome this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrD-CAcvNqs

Thanks for this BB. I watched this video a while back - and then completely forgot about it… Will see how I get on with Grip Puppies and do the mod if required. Surprised that he needed the mod given that he has heated grips - I guess they must be aftermarket ones. In any event, thanks for the reminder - good work by all concerned!

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