The "Where Am I?" thread

I was on the Jackal it was behind me in the car park.
Not far into a 3 month ride, on my way to the Norwegian Spring Guzzi Rally. Here I am getting the long distance award

I followed that up with Boxmere, then the MGCGB International rally in SW France, ending at a rally in Germany near Hamburg. I got sick of the sight of the A1 in Germany, rode it 4 times.

Here goes, although it shouldn’t be too hard:Ignore the CBR1000RRRRRRRrrrrrrrrr… bloke doing his ‘I’m bored’ bit - that’s my son making sure his boots don’t vibrate loose whilst underway on his LMV.Where exactly is it taken, and for a bonus point when was it?GJ
guzzijack2010-10-19 13:43:46

Correct! That’s the pub/restaurant behind - any idea if it’s re-opened nowadays?Can you say when it was taken? There’s a clue on the LM windscreen.GJ

Unfortunatley I can’t read the signs so I have no clue of a language but it is not England, but is english speaking? Ireland?

Yes it’s Ireland but where - the clues are in the signs - well done that man.For 5 points each, (well it might lead you to where exactly it is).Where were we going?Where had we come from?Where was the picture taken?GJ

Where were we going? back to where you had just came from,Where had we come from? back from where you had set out for yesterdayWhere was the picture taken? about ten yards south of the Red and Cream Cali EV.

Again unfortunately I can’t read the route stuck on the tank of the bike in the foreground, but the Ireland guess was from the car number plate in the background. Now then, you are on a quay, waiting for a ferry, I’m going to say Dublin on the way back from a camp or rally, but with no tents on the bikes I would say camping is out (see tents post)


Ok I have never been to Ireland so I give up!

The sign. And work on the above. GJ - from Tiverton, Devonguzzijack2010-10-21 18:27:56

Getting there KB.Inchigeela is correct. (5 points to you)Try another daytime ferry route that would ensure we didn’t just have an inland route to the rally.The scenic route and the ‘other’ sign are the clues to work on from there.GJguzzijack2010-10-22 11:00:59

Excellent my dear Sir! Would you care to lead us through your investigation?GJ

One with the bike on:

Did you know that or was it a search on the Web?

I have quite a few piccies but as I know what my bike looks like I tend to miss it off.

i would recon its bannockburn - ive never been there but worth a guess

Nope, this is higher. It is a mountain pass. Right country though.HaydnR2010-11-13 15:39:02

well if its not shab hill it has to be Cairn O,Mounth on the A90 in the Grumpians?


Not Shab Hill this time. 360 miles outcould be oops, I’ve been there often but not this occasionHaydnR2010-11-17 08:21:32

Doune, Stirling - The David Stirling Memorial, (Founder of the SAS).GJ

Got to be Scotland then Haydn? How about Lockerbie as a guess?