The ultra low emission zone comes into force in greater London in April, although whether they bother monitoring vehicles I dont know, having seen lots of large cars with a single occupant pushing out clouds of smoke and ill maintained vans ?

you can check your vehicle here


my newish car is ok but my motorcycle is excluded, odd as the system states Euro 3 compliant and my 2003 registered Breva is Euro 3
I have written to them and even provided a link to the DVLA website proving this, I presume its because they outsourced the software to the cheapest company ?
I will see what transpires
when I checked the one for Central London it recognised the machine straight away

It’s confusing.
Two observations from recent time in London are that there’s a lot of older HGV traffic clogging up the roads and river traffic seems to be exempt despite evidence of a significant impact on pollution.
Interesting times for cities across the the world.

My 07 Diesel Renault Megan is restricted but the 05 Fiat Panda is exempt, so are my 1966 Triumph, both Guzzis and Karen’s Piaggio scooter, one out of six not bad! :smiley:

Must be date related, else does seem odd while my Euro 3 Ural is OK and that is basically 1930’s technology that has been dragged under protest into the 21st century :smiley:

My MkV Le Mans is subject to ULEZ but the GTV is not. Blackbird and Laverda are, 600U and z1000 are not. Happy days. What a load of bollocks.

Roy Green from the Forest of Dean

My “vintage” Mk1 Lemon is free :slight_smile:
Interesting how they have allowed very old vehicles, hopefully central London is going to be full of classic cars and bikes in April???
Imagine the pollution caused by a traffic jam of classic cars in Piccadilly compared to 5 year old cars…

They would have all overheated and died within 5 minutes. Problem solved.

it might be that the Italians embraced new anti pollution regulations long before any one else, it certainly cleared Milan of stinky clapped out 2 stroke scooters, and generated a new cottage industry in refurbishing and selling them

Somewhat surprisingly, my 04 reg 3 litre petrol Jaguar XJ is fine. The Norge is also OK. The Le Mans unfortunately is not exempt, which is not a surprise, but to be honest I can’t think of any reason I would need to take it into inner London anyway.

Possible issue for me would be ULEZ in Bristol and Bath. The Bath one certainly looks like it will include one of the major through routes when it comes in, as I assume it will at some point. Could eventually have similar issues in other medium sized cities like Oxford, Derby and Southampton.

I got a letter back today from TFL
I will scan it up and post it
then forward the details on to them
if nothing else it might stop a club member getting fined !

I got a letter back today from TFL
I will scan it up and post it
then forward the details on to them
if nothing else it might stop a club member getting fined !

Hey rapheal, did you ever post the letter, and where did you find that your 2003 Breva was compliant on the DVLA site?
Although, is yours an 1100? Mine’s the 750, so maybe different.

Would be really useful if those with ‘pre’ Euro 3 bikes could post (anonymised) copies of their proof, either Certificate of Conformity, or other, to help those who want to prove it too know if it’s worth trying to get hold of that right document.

I recently discovered that Riverbank Motorcycles at Old Ford ( East London by the Olympic park ) are authorised by the GLA to test the emissions from your bike. If your bike conforms to the stricter rules of newer models you will be suppled with a certificate which will enable you to ride in the ULEZ without charge.

Any idea how you get there without going through the ULEZ?!

If I am still up-to-date, the ULEZ is currently the same area as the Congestion Charge zone, which means they are still outside. Riverbank are in East London just off the A12 by the Old Ford junction. You can approach from the North Circular Rd, or M25 depending on where you are starting from.

Their full address is: Unit 12, Riverbank Business Park, Dyehouse Lane, London, E3 2TB
Tel No. = 020 8983 4896

and this is the web address: www.nationalemissionstestcentre.com

There is a short piece about the operation on the MCN website: https://www.motorcyclenews.com/news/2019/march/ulez-test/

Found this article online which (albeit in German) gives some hope to riders of the little Breva 750 ie;

MOTO GUZZI Breva V 750 i.E.MotorLuftgekühlter Zweizylinder-Viertakt-90-Grad-V-Motor, Kurbelwelle längsliegend, eine untenliegende, kettengetriebene Nockenwelle, zwei Ventile pro Zylinder, Stoßstangen, Kipphebel, Nasssumpfschmierung, elektronische Saugrohreinspritzung, Ø 36 mm, Motormanagement, geregelter Katalysator, E-Starter.Bohrung x Hub 80,0 x 74,0 mmHubraum 744 cm³Nennleistung 35,5 kW (48 PS) bei 6800/minMax. Drehmoment 55 Nm (5,6 kpm) bei 3600/minSchadstoffwerte (Homologation)CO 2,67 g/km, HC 0,28 g/km, > NOx 0,07 g/km

Not such good news for Harley Sportster 883 though - 0.23G/km - OK for Euro 2, but not 3.

Now would feel more confident about applying for the Certificate of Conformity for my Breva. 0.07g/km even passes Euro 4 I think (0.09g/km for bikes cable of more than 130Km/h) - see EU: Motorcycles: Emissions | Transport Policy

I sent in some paperwork today, including photos of the bike that they asked for ??
I also photographed the catalytic converter to show the Eu 3 compliance
but its a real PIA you have to register an account with TFL I nearly punched the computer
odd that the inner london one accepts my bike no problem
its asking for a certificate of conformity
do I have to contact Moto Guzzi top get one
if so how
( I was there last week !!!)

You’re right it’s a request to Moto Guzzi UK. They charge for the certificate. I’m not defending the charge it’s just information :wink: I’ve failed in getting a discount or exemption for club members.
Good luck

I may be mistaken, but I believe the certificate of conformity is what Riverbank Motorcycles will give you ( sell you ). See my post above from June.

I’d suggest you speak to them as they have done loads of these now.

I dont want to ride down to London, undergo a test and pay 175 quid, when the motorcycle is already Euro 3 compliant, for some reason DVLA did not list that on the logbook
I dont mind paying MG for a certificate of conformity as long as its not silly money
otherwise mayor Khan can get stuffed, I will use the Hyundai when I visit my parents
least week I had to ride through Bromley to avoid the exclusion zone, that would have generated far more pollution than carrying on down the A2 onto the South Circular and riding to my brothers at a steady 40 mph

My mistake. I didn’t spot that you live in Cheltenham. And a very valid point you make about the extra miles people will be driving in order to avoid the low pollution zone(s).