ULEZ Compliance, Older Bikes.

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There is a web site, Bikers and Bikes, How to get a motorcycle emissions test and beat the ULEZ charge | Biker & Bike (bikerandbike.co.uk), This has a record of older bikes that have passed the NOx test and are now ULEZ compliant. It relies on people sending in their results to add to the list.
There is one Moto Guzzi entry, this for a 2001 Cali EV11 that is now certified as compliant.
It suggests that my 2006 Breva EV1100 would probably pass. Has any body in the club any more information, please?
There are now two workshops that run the test and certification, one in east London and one in Stevenage. According to a contact I have, he was advised by the Stevenage garage that they can often tweak a bike’s engine to pass the test. Obviously, its a matter for the owner whether the bike is returned to the previous state of tune once he/she has the certificate.


I’ve been told that you can apply for a certificate of conformity and send that in as the 06 Breva already meets the standard.
I have an 06 Breva myself and was looking at this last year.
If you find anything out let me know.

Cheers, but where to apply for the Certificate of Conformity ?

MAG drew this up, might be helpful. Can’t speak to accuracy, or otherwise, though. I have seen reports from Guzzi owners which suggest that dealing with Piaggio can be slow, and the fee steep (although t it seems comparable, in this list, with others who charge a fee).


I will ask around, this seems to be a good ‘project’ on behalf of the Club.

Cheers Uki

I have just googled 2 ULEZ checkers online, the first said that my 2011 Stelvio failed and would have to pay a daily charge and the second one said that it passed and was exempt! I will look at the Government website for the winning goal to break this 1-1 draw!

The Government website here says that the Stelvio is exempt. I can only imagine that the one that said otherwise Motorway.co.uk wanted to sell me something!

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My little Breva (750) from 2003 is pre-Euro 3, so can only be Euro 2.
BUT, it’s emissions are below the Euro 3 limit. This is proven via the Certificate of Confirmity from MG/Piaggo (£130!):

Shows that the Breva 750 would even pass Euro 4, not just 3! (Would fail 5 since that limit is 0.06 NOX and the Breva is 0.067.)


BTW, I had to get the CoC doc because I was exporting my bike (back to Italy!).
However, so long as someone takes the plunge and buys the CoC for a model of bike to get the NOX figure, then we’ll ALL know if it’s worth it or not.

Does anyone know if a certificate of conformity is obtained and then put on the “database” will it need to be added to a single database or will it mean the bike will be exempt from all UK ULEZ zones.

@Stevie_i - as far as I know, sadly, the CoC only applies to your own bike. Nice if it was otherwise of course.

Sorry I was a bit vague, I meant will my bike be exempt from all uk ULEZ zones as and when they are introduced.

I have a Breva 2003 from the early production run, one of the reasons I purchased it was that it has Euro 3 approval, its also stamped on the silencers, which contain the catalytic converters
bit of a down that I cannot ride it into London any more, while Range Rovers sit in the traffic with one person on board !!

Just paid £175 for my 1995 1100C Sport to be certified as ULEZ compliant, the NOX reading was 0.01.
I have taken the airbox off and fitted K&N’s other wise a bog standard engine. What a farce, now I’ve got to pay another £175 for the V10. The test centre in Deptford told me almost everything passes even 2 strokes.

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If your Lucky enough to have an older Guzzi (over 40 years) and it’s registered as an historic Vehicle, You are exempt from ULEZ, road Tax and MOT

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However old your bike you should always have a current MOT, then when some idiot knocks you off you can immediately counter any argument that your bike wasn’t roadworthy.

It will help, but the MOT certificate only applies for roadworthyness at the point it is issued.

When I ULEZ tested, my 2001 Cali Stone, at Riverbank. It needed two catalytic gizmos welded to the end of the H crossover to pass the NOx.
They did the paperwork and now it is ULEZ emission compliant & I no longer need to pay.

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And I suspect an older bike may not pass a current MOT, noise, emissions, even brakes (though I don’t expect the latter to be an issue on my LeMans :slight_smile: )

Nothing stopping you taking it to the nice MOT man and saying “I don’t need an MOT, but please cast an eye over my trusty steed to reassure me that I’ve not forgotten anything”. He might even do it for nothing if you say “and please feel free to take it for a test ride”.

my local chaps, who are ‘old bike savvy’ happily offer the same MOT service for ‘historic vehicles’ as for non. up to you if you want us to issue a stickyfoot, they say. by way of a bonus, the roadkill that parks outside does a fine Sausage Bap, which can not be said of all roadkills.