V100 "horn"...

Thanks for the information

If you look at the wiring diagram you will see the CAN bus isn’t involved in the horn. I’ve used the Denali Soundbomb Mini on several of my bikes, CAN bus and non-CAN bus. It’s good because it doesn’t require a relay and it sounds both louder and much more authoritative.

I’ve owned several and never had one fail. I’ve also never had one suffer a broken bracket, but it is essential that both parts of the bracket are used. If you bend the bracket you will need to stretch one of the holes so they still line up. Don’t fit just one part of the bracket as it probably will fail. I’ve temporarily removed the one from my Mandello because I want to find a better place to fit it. You can put it where the original horn goes, but it looks a bit crap.


Has anyone actually fitted the DENALI SoundBomb Mini as yet direct to the original wires, without adding in a relay to deliver the minimum 5A the Denali requires? If so, does it work OK?

I have fitted several of these to other bikes (R1200GS / R1200RT / VFR750 / VFR1200X) and all have worked just fine without a relay and no issues with the BMW CANbus either. There’s just not much space to relocate lots of additional wiring etc on the V100, hence just looking for a simple replacement solution. Cheers.

Yes, me, and it works perfectly. No problem at all.

I’ve removed it temporarily simply because I’m looking for a better place to mount it. Putting it where the original horn goes doesn’t look right because it’s such a lot bigger.


Thank you for confirming @SteveThackery - I’ll get one ordered today!

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Soundbomb Mini on order!

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I have a Thunderbox, and also a Denali Dial-Dim controller (V100 Stelvio).
The Dial-Dim allows me to run the Denali D3 lights at low intensity as “DRL” during the day (running powerful LED lights on full power all the time would probably be an offence but definitely disrespectful to other road users)…

Anyway another function of the Dial Dim controller is that it allows you to take a feed off the existing horn (leaving the existing horn in place or removing it, either will work) and then have a more powerful horn connected to the Dial-Dim (I am planning a Soundbomb Mini once I work-out where to mount it!).
The Dial-Dim controller allows you to connect a few different accessories, and is completely harmonious with the bike’s CANBUS system.
See: https://denalielectronics.com/pages/dialdim-smart-controller
Hope this helps anyone considering additional Aux lighting as well as a horn upgrade :slight_smile:
I’ll post again once I get the Soundbomb installed…


Arrived, fitted and works perfectly! Cheers @SteveThackery

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May I ask where you’ve mounted it? I had mine where the original horn was, but it looked a bit weird.

I also just mounted it where the original horn was and whilst I agree this is not ideal ascetically it is convenient and allows for a slightly louder sound than when the horn is tucked away up inside the fairing behind the headlight/forks etc. My biggest concern is whether continually getting water thrown at it will cause it to fail in which case extension of cables and higher mounting location will need to be arranged. When my engine protection bars arrive I might see about making a bespoke bracket to mount it higher and to the side. If I change anything I’ll respond again.

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Good to know - thanks @paulc911.

I’ve been using these Soundbomb Mini for years on various bikes, and they seem pretty impervious to anything the front wheel throws at them. The instructions emphasise the importance of the opening facing downwards, and I’ve observed that rule (near enough) for all of mine. However, I do like the idea of mounting it on the engine bars. I’m going to check out the feasibility on my bike.

I promise you will get a totally different reaction from car drivers when you use the Soundbomb compared with the original. :smile:

Oh, one last thing. If you are doing a basic fitment where one end of the provided bracket is firmly mounted to the bike, and then other end to the horn, then it appears to be essential to use both metal strips. I used just one metal strip on one of my bikes and it failed after a few weeks, dangling the horn perilously close to the front wheel. It’s because the horn is like a weight on the end of a spring: it oscillates back and forth causing metal fatigue in the metal strip. The two strips - when clamped together - rub against each other, absorbing the energy so the horn remains still rather than swinging about.

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I have also fitted this horn to pretty much every bike I’ve owned over the last 20 years and agree it makes a significant difference to the amount of attention it attracts when required. Just waiting for the H&B engine bars to arrive to change the mounting position. Thanks for the reminder on using both metal strips which I had done.


Soundbomb mini is also straight swap for the oe horn on the V7.

Over the weekend I fitted the H&B engine bars and whilst doing so relocated the SoundBomb horn a little higher up. I simply extended the wires with some additional spade connectors so as not to damage the original cable terminations in any way.