v35 performance expectations

coming from and 850 t 5 to a v35 is a bit of a shock performance wise

realistically what should i be expecting to get, she pulls really hard to 65 then and is done just past 70

book says 90 isn top speedguzzi-v352014-04-15 19:30:35

Not noted for startling performance Iain unfortunately…some years ago I did get more performance out of my V50 by fitting larger carbs, as these were Amals it took time to get the right jet size etc…
Heron heads don’t appear to lend themselves to tuning…on the 500s the Monza ran higher gearing than the V50…whether there is a gearing difference twixt v35 and Imola I know not, tho I expect Don would kno…xguykate2014-04-19 05:48:55

Iain what you really need is a 650 to go along side your 350 .
Have you still got your T5?

thanks kate, just wandering if 75 is a realistic max or if she’s still holding back, gearing is mega low, first is like a trail bike!!

T5’s gone now, probs knees / back and 16" were too much to cope with.

loving the v35 handling and weight.

once new house is finished we are going to look at a brand new v7

Probably Iain, tho trying bigger carbs mite give you a bit more if the gearing will let you…shaft drive eh ? X

Yeah but no but V35 was only created so learners could use it? So performance doesn’t come into it, different goals required. Like the Bee-Em R45, think that was to exploit cheaper tax or insurance range bracket or something? Whatever unfortunately same size and weight as all the other R’s so wouldn’t pull the skin off a rice pudding.

Spot on mike but it goes like stink till it hits 70! Lovely revy engine!

It’s the eternal struggle between air resistance and horse power. At some point they achieve equilibrium.

not to mention the bloater sat on it!!

they were also designed for urban work so lower gearing and lower power gave better fuel economyyears back a mate had one, he toured everywhere on it, low road tax cheap insurance and 70mpg

did a lot of miles over the weekend with a pillion and starting to get used to the power delivery , 55 is comfy cruise two up.secret is to change down before you hit hills

That seems reasonable!

Same is true of my lil’Breva.105mph is absolute max on the speedo.100 comes up ok but 90 should be considered max in reality.Returns 45-55 mpg with more on long slowish runs.My '79 250 Superdream showed 88mph on the clock and regulaly returned 60-65 mpg. It didn’t have a screen or luggage.I know which one i prefer though.

over all I’m really happy with the performance bearing in mind its a 350, rev it hard up towards the amber bit on the rev counter and it pulls hard and really snarls

think secret is to change down before the hill…

anyway still got to clocks forward faster on the v35( with wife on back with cake) than I did solo on the t5…)guzzi-v352014-04-23 19:29:50

I had the V35 ImolaII two valve. On a gentle down hill run it would make 90mph and retain it on the flat. However, this was in a racing tuck behind the half fairing. You have to ride it like a modern moto3 bike. Look for the sweeping lines that mean you don’t need to shed speed. Make you a smooth rider in the long run. Wish I had kept mine now. B144FGT if any one knows where it resides.

Vehicle enquiryThe enquiry is complete.The vehicle details for B144 FGT are:Date of Liability11 12 2010Date of First Registration15 07 1997Year of Manufacture1985Cylinder Capacity (cc)350ccCO₂ EmissionsNot AvailableFuel TypePETROLExport MarkerNVehicle StatusUnlicensedVehicle ColourSILVERVehicle Type ApprovalNot Availablelooks like its parked up somewhere
rapheal glynn2014-04-24 22:29:39

Maybe you need aerodynamics to assist here? A small fairing ? I rode a V35 with the full Spada style fairing on…hit almost a ton, at the red line in top.


That’s remarkably similar performance to my Aprilia RS125…but I enjoy less mpg and probably 20 times the maintenance requirements!

It’s geared for acceleration, not top end. I imagine the V35 is geared like that too. My old V50 Monza would easily crack the ton (taller final ratio or summat) and it was no slouch in town so I’m guessing the V35 will take higher gearing too. Anyone tried standard V50 gearing with one?


Ah…the stifling from emission and noise regs hits hard…my old Monzasometimes shows 120 to 125 on the speedo. Not saying that is real…but it shifts for an old one.

Having just bought a v35 mark 2 and rode it from Norfolk to the Lakes I have to say I was quite impressed with it. A proper strong but revy motor, not like the big 1000cc lumps I’m used to. The do respond to a good reving up to the yellow line, beyond 8 thou it tails off a bit, but I managed to hold about 75 on the motorway without too much drama and a few down shifts ( and that was with one muffler missing ). With a run up and no head wind I would think it would pull up to 90 ish ( and I’m 16 stone)

Once its on the back roads though it shines. handles likeits on rails, it would give a lot of bikes a run for their money coz you just dont have to back off.