V50 Front Wheel Won't Fit...

A bit of a strange problem this and for the life of me I cannot see what I have invariably done wrong. For those who don’t know, I am in the process of rebuilding my V50 and today I was putting the front wheel into the forks but there doesn’t not seem to be enough clearance as the wheel rim rubs against the inside of the offside fork. Here’s some photos that might explain the problem better than my words. This is the other side…not easy to see but the brake disc is not touching the inside of the nearside fork, there is approximately a 3-4mm gap. Following the workshop manual is always good entertainment, today was no exception. So, the front wheel has been powdercoated as have the fork lowers. Placing the wheel between the forks to align the spindle holes up was a little tight. I have put the spindle in from the offiside as it will only go in one way. There is a sequence for things to go on the spindle as follows, again from the offside to nearside:- speedo drive, washer…then the wheel…spacer, washer, washer and spindle nut. Problem #1 - The offside brake disc rubs against the inside of the offside fork lower and there is not as much gap between the fork lower and the brake disc as there is on the nearside. Problem #2 - The manual states that the torque setting for the front wheel spindle nut is 98-105 ft/lbs. I was some way from that figure when it was obvious that the front wheel could not be turned by hand. Any ideas folks please?

I think your missing a small tubular spacer, been a few years since I worked on a v50 so I may be wrong…!

There is one on the nearside which the manual states should be there… I would estimate the spacer on the nearside to be the same width as the space on the offside where there is a slight gap between the fork lower and the speedo drive.

Is there an internal spacer between the bearings?

From memory, there is a thick washer which goes inside the fork leg on the offside. The disc is close to the fork legs anyway. But the wheel should be central, ie. same gap each side between the disc and fork leg.Actually in my book it shows that washer between the speedo drive and the bearing. It’s diagram 149, and the washer does not have a letter.

On my V65 there’s a spacer that goes between the wheel bearing and the speedo drive, be about 3-4mm.

Yep, that would be the same as my V50, like a thick washer.

the brake callipers are mounted on the back of the fork legs on v50’s mk 3 and I think mark 2’s so the legs are on the wrong sides as your calliper mounts are on the front of the forks
Regards Keith

Nigel I just noticed that you have Lincoln on the bottom of your post we also Live in Lincoln and I have sues V50 Monza parked in the spare garage if you want to check any details you are welcome to come over and look at Sues Monza
Regards Keith

V50II has the calipers on the front.

Also has the powder coat be removed from the mounting faces of the disks and forks ?

Sorry Didn’t realise was looking through Mario columbos book at v50 mk 3 and v35 mk 2 and got confused ,must be a sign off age . Any way the offer to look still stands even though it is a Mk 3
Regards Keith

Yes, that spacer is there…I remembered after putting the bearings in the first time

Yes that washer is there Brian. It’s only a couple of mm thick though.

The powdercoat around most of the disc mounting holes in the wheel was removed when I mounted the disc, which is mounted flat on the surface of the wheel.

Not sure what you mean about the mounting faces on the forks.

Hi Keith

That is a very kind offer and I would be grateful to take you up on that. I notice your later post correcting your previous thought about the mounting of the calipers, however I am thinking that the spindle layout will be the same or similar on Sue’s bike so it might give me more clues than the manual. I have photo documented this rebuild so I am going to see if I took any close up photos of the front wheel assembly to see if that gives me any ideas.

If you want to PM me with contact details that would be great. Thank you

Nigel PM sent

The powdercoat around most of the disc mounting holes in the wheel was removed when I mounted the disc, which is mounted flat on the surface of the wheel.
Not sure what you mean about the mounting faces on the forks.[/QUOTE]

Any where that you have got powder coat will alter the clearences and dimensions

On the forks you need to make sure the brake caliper mounts and spindle hole faces are bare metal or you can endup pushing the calipers out of line or forcing then forks out slightly

I had terrible rouble with odd brake pad ware on a car, only to find out the brake caliper mounts had been hand painted and then caliper was not sitting square

Thanks Iain. When I get round to mounting the calipers I will need to rub down the powdercoat around the bolt holes. I haven’t rubbed the spindle hole face down at all, only the interior of the hole where a little bit of powdercoat went in. I shall remedy that…thanks.

Presumably the clearances etc that may have been altered by the application of powdercoat are also responsible for the wheel not moving once I tighten the spindle nut?

I did wonder if removing the washer between the bearing and speedo drive and the one on the nearside with the spacer might help…not entirely sure of their purpose in this application.

Reply sent Keith. Thanks