V50 II oil mist system

I am a new member from Denmark, owning 5 different motorcycles - a “Lodola” Sport 1959 - A 1979 Mandello built V50 II - a genuine Royal Enfield 500 “Competition” - a 250cc two-stroke twincyl. “racing” MOTOBI 1954 and a 800cc 4 cyl. “sand tracker” NIMBUS
I drive a lot, has just been in India to drive in the foothills of Himalaya - last year, a trip on the Lodola to Mandello - a distance in all of 3200 kilometers, with no problems with the bike, just some smaller problems with my back, since I am 72 years old!
This was a short presentation…

I write, because I am in the process of rebuilding/changing (a lot) of the V50 - in order to let it be a kind of “Gentlemans Café Racer”.
I have “turned” the carbs. to let them stick out in the cool air, and discarded the elaborate air-cleaning oil return/drain system.
The carbs will just have trumpets with gauze “filters” and no connection to the cyl.heads.
(Naturally, I will install one or two numbers larger main jets - because of the revised carbs, and a more “open” exhaust.

Now, I ask if some members have knowledge about the “oil mist retrieving” system, emerging from both cylinder heads?
I have ordered a small system from Gutsi bits, a system used for the larger Guzzis with “open” carburetors.
Will it in any ways harm the motor, not to have vacuum from the carbs going from the cyl.heads?
Will it result in oil beeing “blown back” from some Places?
Will the lubrication of the motor in general be affected by discarding the original factory system?

If you want Photos of my rebuilding process, can this forum then support such?

Have a look at the “what part is this” thread, it’s about the same thing. Pictures, you have to upload your pictures to a third party image host at the moment, such as photobucket. Then either copy the IMG code or just copy and paste the picture into your post here.

Hi and welcome!
Your plan is sound, no harm will come to the engine with that breather arrangement.

Driving India at 72, top man!

Hello and Welcome!I am also building a V50 Cafe Racer so would be very interested in your solution to this and other problems…pictures would be great and can be hosted in the way Brian mentions above.

This makes interesting reading.
Small block bikes are sometimes mistakenly assumed to be a smaller version of a Tonti 850/950. Can cause problems
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Brian UK2013-11-27 09:00:20

Link correctedhttp://www.thisoldtractor.com/gtbender/moto_guzzi_small_blocks.htm#gtb_older_small_block_issues_

Cheers Don,
Never trust an old bloke to cut and paste with an iPad
Curiously they both work on my PC and Apple

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Steveguzzibrat2013-11-27 08:00:47

Your link corrected. Somehow when you cut and paste a link into your post, the link just points back at this forum.

Cheers Brian

Now I got information from “Guzzibits” about the tiny (Le Mans I) oil-box they sold to me…
The large pipe with the “flap-valve” must be conected to the two cyl.heads.
While the medium sized pipe Next to the large flapped one, must be connected to the sump.
The other pipes should be blanked off!

I have tried (in vain) to upload some Pictures from my rebuilding process…
The system asks for an URL?
So, please, if there is any IT gurus out there, please explain, in PLAIN Words, HOW to upload Pictures!!
My Pictures are in size around 170 KB - and normally placed on Microsoft Photo Gallery.

You must always have 3 pipes connected to the box. One from the cylinder heads, one to the sump to return oil, and one to atmosphere to exhaust the gasses, maybe to the air filter.

Maybe I am a fool, but I cannot find out HOW to add Pictures!
You ask for a Web adress, but I dont think my Pictures have such adress…
All my Pictures are assembled at Microsoft Picture gallery - but I cannot find the individual web adresses of any Pictures.
Copy & paste dont Work.
So, please, if anybody could help with a DETAILED information about how to upload Pictures - then I would be most grateful!!

PS. I Wonder, if most posts in this Forum, are WITHOUT Pictures - could this stem from the very complicated/un-understandably way of uploding Pictures?

I suspect the Microsoft picture gallery on your computer hard drive so will not have a web address. They need to be uploaded to some photo hosting site on the internet like Photobucket or other hosting site.From there you should see an IMG code, copy that and post it into your post on here.I am sure somewhere on here there is a simple guide to adding pictures to a post, but I can’t find it anywere. maybe Brian will point you in the right directionAlternatively, e-mail them to me and I can put them up on here for you. My email is on my name profile thingy.

Test of Photo export
My new homemade seat - almost ready…

try again[/IMG]

Another try…

It works! Photos look good.
Took alook at the breather system on the Lario today. It works really well and the bikes runs very well so I thought it may be useful to describe it.
The rocker breather pipes join a rectangular breather box via a two into one joint. The box looks home made and may have been a storage bottle which has been adapted. It is the same shape and size as a tobacco tin and mounted between the frame tubes forward of the coils. This is similar to the standard NTX breather. There is a small diameter tube about 30 mm long and an 8mm diameter spigot with nothing attached. This may be a fitting from the original container
The hose from the sump is fed alongside the left frame tube behind the carburettor and exits beneath the tank with a small (20-30mm dia) cone filter.
There is some evidence of oil in the breather box but none on the outside or on the engine.
Hope this helps
Steveguzzibrat2013-12-02 20:07:20

Thanks for the photos! Did you cut a large piece out of the tank to fit the new petrol filler cap?Here is a photo of the oil breather system that was on my bike…it was home made and I have decided to clean it up, make the welds tidier and paint it before putting it back on again. If you look for my post as mentioned earlier, Brian explains what is connected to the different parts of the system.

Guess one of the most important things to remember with reference to the original post is that the small block breather effectively works in a reverse of the big block breather. This will affect the fitting and connection of any breather box, breather system and associated pipe work.
All the best

You just have to “nip” away, the lockable original petrol cap, them loosen & remove the "anti-slosh “funnel” pointing downwards - then you have your hole.
The rest is easy, just remember to use glassfibre/resin - able to withstand modern fuels.
I use Plastic Padding glassfibre “putty”.