V50 mk3 sidecar tyres

Hi, can anyone give me any advice on what tyres to use on my v50 outfit, the tyres on the bike at the moment are standard motorbike tyres, the front being 3.00 x 18 and the rear 3.50 x 18 and depending on opinion I was thinking of changing them to a flatter sidecar type/style of tyre. Any help much appreciated as my sidecar knowledge is very limited. Cheers Chris.

In time I used to use my V50 as a tractor, I stayed with standard tyres, just have put an 16" rear wheel(Imola/Lario - does the same as V35 gearbox, about 10% down ratio) to pull well - it was coupled up with adult+child Squire and often did “crew of 4” trips. But that Squire was fitted as a leaning one, hence no dillemas about tyres - little difference from riding solo! 16" tyres are beefy, they seem to be well suited to serve as sidecar idea.