V50ii clutch cable

I’m replacing the clutch cable on the V50 - now that I’ve removed the old one, I can’t remember the route from the lever to the void under the petrol tank - can anyone advise and/or post a photo - there isn’t an intuitive route as far as I can see without the risk of fouling the forks or yoke but still allowing a smooth curve without kinks.
Many thanks

I cant recall where I saw them, but I do remember seeing a drawing of all the cables laid out upon a machine, I have some factory advertising images but its not clear on those sadly
I wonder if this is something the club could think about, perhaps some good quality images showing the machines in various states of assembly so that you could identify brackets, handing of items etc ?
I know for my classic car, I have a full set scanned up ready
as I am bound to forget, and as I strip the car I photograph every detail

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