V85 TT Travel stock screen wind noise. issues.

Hello everyone,
I’m a new club member in need of some help please.
I’m sure this issue has been discussed several times so I appologise in advance if it has been.

I have a 2023 V85TT Travel with the stock touring screen.

Even when wearing quality ear plugs the wind noise coming over the screen is unbearable. I did 100 miles on Saturday at varying speeds up to 70mph and my ears are still ringing now!!

I’m reaching out to all of my fellow club members for help, advice and recommendations in finding an alternative screen that will eliminate this wind noise issue.

I’m 5ft 10" with a 32" inseam.

Many thanks in advance.

Stuart Allen.

I have the 2022 version which is the same, only realised how bad it was when I today wife’s back from a service ( non travel version with smaller screen ) There are plenty of bodges if you search but I put on a smaller screen and just put up with the rain and bugs.

Hi Gino,
Thanks for sharing your own feedback and for your advice. It really does spoil a good bike.

I shall now look further into the lower screen.

Might be worth trying https://www.palmerproducts.co.uk/product-page/moto-guzzi-v85tt-screen-adapter-kit
I fitted one to an Aprilia Caponord and it virtually eradicated all buffeting and wind noise etc.

This is the standard fitment on mine and it’s not great. I have the infills for the front of the tank fitted and im not sure they help. But it could be my height at 6ft and the low comfort seat i use. I also prefer using the low screen.

Thanks Dukesox,

This looks very interesting.

I’ll be able to study this further this weekend.


Thanks for the images of your V85TT Tem5848MB.
Is that the stock Guzzi screen or aftermarket?
It looks different to my stock screen.


Stock on this model.

Fitted puig screen and givi handguard extensions plus a pair of rabbit ears from america, my buffeting was so bad i was getting double vision at speed, can now happily sit at 70/80

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Thanks Sparkieb,
Do you have any pictures of the Puig screen and handguard extensions fitted on the bike?

It looks different to my screen. Is it as tall as the stock TT Travel screen? That’s 520mm.

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Thanks Sparkeib,

I like the look of that screen.

I got very bad buffeting with the travel screen, a cheap 15 quid spoiler from ebay clamped to the top fixed it.

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I tried the extender, made no difference to me but it may work for some. My wife and I swapped bikes, she hated it also despite her being smaller.

I bought a deflector from AliExpress, it is similar to the ones used on BMW GS’s. I have found that because it can be easily adjusted to alter the airflow and reduce the buffeting on the helmet.

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it wasn’t an instant fix, i had to experiment changing the angle of both the screen and the spoiler, once i found the right spot it reduced 90% of the buffeting, not perfect but acceptable for the price.

i hate how it looks though so i swap to the short screen in summer

Thanks sidtgedid,

I’ll look into this as a fix.

If all else fails I’ll go back to a Norge.

I did look at a powerbronze 2 part screen but I only use the v85 in the summer so I can put up with it, matter of fact my winter bike has a smaller screen than the v85

Late to the party however @ 5’ 8" and with a 31" 'ish inside leg, I’ve virtually eliminated the dreaded buffeting with an add-on deflector set at full extension and parallel to the stock screen, and fitting the tank deflectors/rabbit ears.

I plan on fitting the hand guard extensions mainly to keep my hands a bit warmer in colder weather whilst sacrificing some cool breeze in the summer.