How many people have taken the plunge and bought one?
I collected mine on Saturday and it would be nice to be able to compare notes.
My nearest dealer is now over 100 miles away so I’ve only clocked up 100 miles on the return journey and have a few minor gripes but nothing that I can’t live with or address and as I was smitten at first sight and bought without a test ride, but having read every review I could find.
I am a happy bunny!

Wheres your nearest dealer? I’m in Plymouth, I was told Bridge at Exeter was a Guzzi dealer, but I visited them on Saturday and thats not the case. SP in Exeter??

Or failing that I just have to meet you for lunch at Chequered Flag and check out the beast and shout you a coffee. :wink:

1400 troublefree miles so far, fitted engine bars, centre stand and multi media platform and transferred Guzzi Topbox from Stelvio
Very pleased and now first service is out of the way I can explore the engine a bit better! Only seen 1 other on the road and that was at the Sammy Miller Italian Bike day so probably doesn’t count!
How is the new exhaust?

Quite a few out there (relatively speaking).
Sadly the vast majority of useful information and lived expereince has been via Facebook pages. The MGCGB page has lots and the V85TT page is busy with daily posts from across the globe. Most feedback is fron Europe for obvious reasons.
There are a number of niggles being reported; loose or overtightened fasteners seems to be the biggest. Delays in delivery of accessories and bikes has been a regular comment across Europe. Others are lack of “How to…” information. Luckily the Guzzi community is living up to its repuation in coming up with the answers.
Riding impressions are very positive from buyers. Feedback from people who have had test rides is mixed as we would expect. There have been some pictures of very muddy V85TTs showing that they can do more than the Tesco run. Unsurprsingly David Taylor-Cantrill is hitting high mileages and compares hit V85 favourably to his Stelvio when two up and carrying camping gear. Others are also reporting succesful trips of thousands of miles covering 300-400 miles per day. Fuel economy is said to be good too.
Sadly the lack of forum traffic is something that we’ve struggled to rectify. Maybe threads like this will draw folk in a little more.
Hope this helps (a bit!)

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Yes SP in Exeter. They have a new one on the way. They sell all they can get, which is not many.

Mine seems to be doing mid 50s to the gallon in the first 100 miles, mostly 70mph cruising. Not quite what I should be doing, but I can make up for that on Cornish roads.
I don’t like the gear indicator going out when the clutch is pulled when you pull up at a junction. This is when you really need it, I would have thought. Not got one on the Convert or Ambassador - funny how you want to use it when you’ve got it.
I don’t like the ignition key buried in a hole, making it difficult to operate the steering lock.
My throttle seems a bit heavy, which was a surprise. I was hoping my wrist would get a rest from the heavy Guzzi throttles.

The only other thing is I have had to modify my shed door so I can get it in! The bars/ mirrors are wide.

Having made a few criticisms, all the important things are spot on and I love it. I’ve only done 100 boring miles thus far and it hasn’t stopped raining since I got home. I have a busy weekend coming, but then I might be awol on a few evenings.

Totally agree with the criticisms of heavy throttle, bar/mirror width, fiddly ignition key/steering lock and gear indicator disappearing when clutch pulled in! However, these are minor and it is nice to have a gear indicator and the cruise control is also a welcome addition - neither present on the Stelvio. Not as lazily powerful as the Stelvio but the weight reduction is noticeable and appreciated.
Very pleased with decision to purchase early and have the whole summer with the new bike - reluctantly need to sell the Stelvio now!

Ref heavy throttle action buy yourself a crampbuster , ( or similar ) twist grip attachment .
They make riding more comfortable .

I’m not quite sure why they have made it heavy.

If it’s a single throttle body (I’m guessing), just ONE throttle butterfly ??? :open_mouth: Even with two, the springs only need to close a butterfly each. How strong does it need to be? That would bug me too.

It’s ride by wire, so I don’t get it!

Does anyone know what the exhaust pipes are made from and how to clean the down pipe’s textured surface?

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A short ride this morning with the screen adjusted to its steepest, hoping it would be of more use. It now directs the wind and bugs directly into my face.
Guess I’ll have to buy the proper one that of course is an extra.
Something else I noticed is there is very little slack in the drive train, unlike my old gals, which is nice.
I also noticed some big clacks as I changed through the lower gears. Not sure if it is my clumsy gear changes and will improve as I go on, but it’s definitely not Suzuki smooth.
Steering lock continues to grate.
Gear change indicator disappearing is just plain stupid.
The heavy throttle doesn’t seem quite so heavy - maybe due to the short journey.

I am concentrating on negative niggles, because everything else just great!

Oh and the dip/beam flick up switch is probably the most annoying thing I’ve found as it is so easy to catch when operating the clutch. I have now discovered that beam doesn’t flick on when only the eagle drl is switched on, so at least I am not dazzling everyone. You can still use the press to flash function though.

Just coming up to 1000mls on mine. It spent 17days back at the dealer to have a new clutch fitted (apparently a faulty plate fitted at the factory) Thumbs up for Teasdales Thirsk, who managed to remove the engine and gearbox diagnose the problem, get the parts, everything clutch related including flywheel, all buttoned back together and back with me in 17 days.
I’ve added a QD exhaust with Y piece and had a larger DB killer made in stainless, 35mm internal bore VS 25mm on the standard QD DB killer. Sounds much, much better, just like a Guzzi and bike runs beautifully. I’ve also fitted the taller screen and a centre stand.

So what’s the bike like, as others have said throttle return spring is a little strong but I always fit Grip puppies which make it a little easier, plus I’m getting used to it. Yeah a few little niggles, tubed tyres, keys a little fiddley, nice to have a gear indicator but it is a little odd as it goes out when you pull in the clutch, having said that you do get used to how it works.

Overall finish looks pretty good (time will tell) but my 2006 1100Griso is still nearly mint so I’ve no real worries on that score. I was a little worried that 80bhp may not be enough for me, but it’s perfect for this bike. It does not feel like 500lb and can be hustled through the back roads with confidence. Sits lovely at 70-80mph and still has plenty left for overtakes, in fact I think it’s most probably quicker than the 4 Stelvio’s I’ve had. I’ve not had it loaded up with camping gear yet but a 10st pillion does effect it’s performance. Gearbox is super slick and almost silent up and down. I’ve had none of the problems of grounding footpegs as some of the initial testers did and I only have it set on the second softest notch.
With only a 29" inside leg it is a little tall for me but manageable because of it’s weight. Ergonomics are spot on.

All in all it’s a very addictive bike, I just love riding it and it’s a long time since I’ve gone for a 30 minute blast after tea just for the hell of it. I do it a lot on the V85.

Bugger, I forgot about that. Well that’s especially daft, it’s only a potentiometer after all. :open_mouth:

Any chance of a picture, can’t get my head around this.

Yes but they are macho Italian potentiometers, to suit the iatin grip… :confused:

I’m just a limp wristed Limey. :confused:

You should try the Essex wrist excercise, in your right hand grasp an imaginary ice cream cone and wave it vigorously up and down at a driver who didn’t spot you, as if to say
“Look I have a nice ice cream, and you could get one too from the shop if you opened your eyes and stopped letting your guide dog drive the car”.
It often gets their attention. Oh how we laugh :smiley:

The petrol warning light came on yesterday at an indicated 92 miles to empty!

I ordered the touring screen today as the standard screen directs all wind blast straight into my face. I was wearing my open face helmet and at anything above 60 it felt like it was trying to rip it off my head and I could hardly see through my wildly wobbling and watering eyes - even wearing my specs. I suppose if you fit a useless screen it guarantees you the sale of one that works - hopefully!

There is a button for heated grips - no heated grips.

There is a switch position for fog lights - no fog lights.

57.6 ave mpg.

A painful 100 plus miles. Full face helmet now until my screen arrives.