Video killed the radio star.

Is this a dying forum? Are we all switching to Facebook now? Does it really matter?

Sorry I don’t do Facebook,

I’m happy to post gibberish on the Forums and Facebook. :slight_smile:

I hope not I like this forum :smiley:

I flit between the two.
Facebook is certainly easy to use, but I also still use a few forums.

I may not be a prolific poster, but this is the only social media i look at!

Just seems to get quieter and quieter on here. I tend to post my tech questions here and keep a watching brief over the Essex Branch box.

For chattier items and certainly when posting pics I use Facebook. I’ve never mastered posting pics here – probably due to size restrictions i.e. I’m too lazy to resize my stuff.

I don’t use facebook and don’t want to. As you say, it seems quiet on here.

Great question…
Forums for all organisations are becoming quieter. Other social media are easier to use possibly due to the millions of pounds spent on their development and maintenance.
I suspect that there will be forums for a while to come as other media are still not universally accepted…not necessarily a bad thing :wink:
The clubs Facebook page is popular and we now have approaching 800 well behaved members from across the world. I’d estimate that 40-50% are club members and we’re working on the rest!
Success breeds success of course and having more posts usually generates more traffic.
have fun

Most of the forums I look at on any regular basis are pretty quiet at the mo.

Me too :slight_smile:

Shhh, you don’t know who you might wake up! :smiley:

Did some one speak ’ lol

Not on faceboak, I use forums and blogs (I do use Twitter ) Most of the forums are quieter but still bloody useful when you want to ask questions. The classic club I was a member of had a forum only a handful of us used, then it went to faceboak and it died.

I only use Facebook when there is nothing else. The forums are best. Much more informative. I use MotoGuzzi, BMW and VMCC.

Yes, It’s a seasonal thing. People use motorcycle forums less when they use their bikes less in the winter months. There are the occasional bursts of activity brought on by cabin fever. Sometimes these degenerate into spiteful abusive slanging matches brought on by those suffering serious boredom due to not riding. But one sunny day for everyone to get out on their bikes and the forums return to sweetness and joy with everyone overflowing about the pleasures of riding on a crisp winters day.

Don’t do facebook, I did try it around 5 years ago but did not like it and found it very intrusive. I do LinkedIn but that is mostly for work. That is it for social media for me.
Personally I am pretty busy at the moment so have not looked in for several days. Also not really riding at the moment owing to the weather/darkness etc.

@ Will, yes!

Good theory, but it is mid-summer now and the situation seems not to have changed much. I have no bike at the moment!

Since joining the club (2014) I have enjoyed reading the forum and learning from the accumulated wisdom on here.
Whilst restoring my LMV I couldn’t procure the headlamp mounting bushes from any Guzzi supplier. After extensive research I found that they were used on Fiat / Lancia / Alfa etc. and found some suppliers. An article was published in Gambalunga at the same time by a fellow LM restorer who stated that these parts were unobtainable and he had to have some made. I posted the details of suppliers on here thinking that it might help someone. One person posted a positive reply, the others varied from ‘Guzzi used lots of Fiat parts’ to ‘This is not news’.
I don’t think that anyone should be suprised that people seem less willing to use the forum!