Virtual Spring Rally

Seeing that all rallies and events have been cancelled for the near future I thought we have a “Virtual” rally.

I invite you all to take part. It will be something between a Treasure Hunt and tales of rallies past, I will make up the rules as we go along :smiley:
Points will be awarded in the form of tankards, he/she who has collected the most will get the ‘Rally Award’, maybe we even do a best Branch turnout.

1st task is to get to the Rally:
the first 5 will get a free ticket, they only have to name the bike they are coming on incl. colour (no numberplates please!)
from No 6 on you will have to tell a short story of your worst trip to a rally - best story will win

I hope you will have fun and I see lots of you here!


PS: stick to the “Highway Code” (i.e. clean stories as much as possible :laughing: )

This is modern elitist woke at it’s absolute wurst.
As someone who doesn’t own a computer or mobile phone I shall be complaining very loudly, the next time I meet up with you and hopefully in the not too distant future.
Keep your heads up, as I am posting from the library I suspect that will not keep going much longer.
The good news is my neighbour called by to drop me off some food, milk and toilet paper, I am not that frail yet but I am now ridiculously stocked up without even bothering with panic buying.
Now if I could just persuade someone bored that they wanted to wash and polish my bikes.

so you are not coming to my rally Ian :frowning:

You could come and then stay in your tent when the library closes. I could then send other participants to bring you food and beer :laughing:

Oh my…

what’s next - virtual beer and wine???

I have beer for 2.5 weeks and single malt for 6 weeks.
BTW I have just been told we are closing as of 1300 today.

Stay safe Ian

Great idea Uki!
I’ve been thinking about using video conferencing for a virtyula branch meeting.
As it’s a virual rally I’ll be on my T3 California LAPD, black and white,
Not sure where I am in the queue so just in case…
Worst trip to a rally was setting out for the VTwin about 20 years ago on the Cali. All packed and serviced. Got to the petrol station and it would restart. Jumed th atrter and nipped home for speedy reapirs. Second attempt going well when the bike seized solid due to blocked crank drains. Home on the yellow lorry of shame with a very disapponited son.
Have fun,

Uki I will be on my 950S (950cc 750S replica) black with green and white stripes. As it is a virtual rally I can arrive on it even though it is not finnished!

Worst trip to a rally, was the V Twin in 2014 i think, it rained all the way there with me filtering through traffic around 30% of the M25, I grazed the panniers a couple of times!

I hope more turn up but I will miss Ian!

Hope it won’t be just the 3 of us at the Rally. Will miss Ian’s snoring :laughing:

Oh did I mention that I will be coming on my V65PA, Italian Police Markings white and blue, I will sound the siren when I arrive!

I may have to change my mind and arrive on my XPA750. May have to refir the sirens!

Hi Uki I’ll come along and join you all at your rally. In my dreams, I would be on my black’n’blue Harris Bonneville in the belief that it would behave and stop leaking the contents of its oil tube all over the place before I got to the end of my road!

My worst rally trip was to the Crooked Spire rally in 1980 two up on my old Starfire. Heading up the A61 from Derby, it began to loose what little power it had and very rapidly came to a halt, fortunately in a lay by. Kicking it over revealed minimal compression on the kickstarter and so dissassembly commenced, removal of the little cover on the side revealed the push rods were still in place and connected. Removal of the rocker box showed the valves were still in place and operating as intended. Removal of the cylinder head revealed a mucky old piston that appeared to be OK (I coudn’t see the little end so it didn’t have a hole in it). Removal of the barrel showed the rings to be well and truly jammed in their grooves. It had obviously nipped up and suffered a partial siezure.
A few Jap bike riders stopped to offer assistance and looked in aww at the sight of an old brit bike in bits on the roadside!
An hour later with some carefull working at the piston we were ready to set off again and eventually made it to the rally where a jolly good time was had by all and much ale was consumed.
I sent a picture of the roadside rebuild into Bike magazine and they gave it the caption of “Another Englishman drops his guts, killed by freeway madness” I think it is in the July 1980 issue (same as the review of the Mk3 Le-Mans)

Uki, shall we bring our own virtual tumbleweed? :wink:


Maybe I should have mentioned that we also offer nice Yurts with heating? :smiley:

I think I will come on my black Le Mans 1000.

I have two potentials as worst trip, neither that bad tbh. One was to the VTwin, probably around 2012. Had a slow rear wheel puncture, so had to stop at every petrol station on the way to pump it back up. Whilst at the rally I managed to get Moto Crosa to plug it.
Another was a trip to the simmer dim rally where the instrument panel sheared off the bike in the Edinburgh bypass. I managed to cable tie it back on though and completed the journey.

What about music for this rally. Can we argue about bands for the next 3 weeks? That could waste a lot of time…

I was going to do tents and beer first, but yes we can discuss bands, money’s now problem, they don’t even need to tour anymore or be alive?

You jumped the gun :smiley:

In that case I reckon I could get Janis Joplin for £500…

… JJ to support Rory Gallagher?

Is this Virtual Rally a dead duck?

Or are you just not coming because I forgot to tell you where it is?

One of my choices, the gorgeous food and weather tipped the scale for this one!

Good call Uki but we could go virtually anywhere! :smiley: