What did you do with your Guzzi today ? 2017 .......

Attended our VMCC section Hangover run on me loop, Rano the Red…
As per usual it all went a bit pottyticklemouse…but we all got to Wetton Mill for a warm, brew and natter…lost me fingers on the way home…must put me wraps back on…

Had a go with a new strip yesterday. Today having left to soak over night, I set about scrapping off the bubbled and flaked bits. Seriously making progress now. Have added more stripper and will try again tomorrow. All good honest fun.

Have got some demon stripper Kev…no leaving it overnite malarkey…proper getoff…

Is this oil leaking back into the sump, cos pump not being used?

Yep Miko…Jezguz reckons we could always give im a tap…tho not with a hammer !.. In use it never does it…takes at least a week to wetsump…which Farqhuar reckons is Scots fer foreplay ! :laughing:

Heres a pic of Eldo after a wash…Guy is keeping the front lights and crash bars…but doin away with the Bates fairing n possibly panniers…tho the panniers may go back on when required…

Gissa a go Mister :slight_smile:

Yard and garage day to see off the last of the lurgy.
Xmas lights down from garage and shed.
Garage cleared to access the boiler ready for servicing.
Mongrel given a quick spin up the road, patted, kissed and put back into it’s spot.
Garage floorplan sorted to house the T3Cali post boiler.
Sorted :nerd:
Start the year looking foward :bulb:

Nowt but visited an old pal and remembered my Mk1 Le Mans is in his garage so lifted the cover for a look. Must get it checked over and back on the road!

Bit of work on a payin guest before Eldo goes back on the ramp…
Anytime Chilly…

Thanks Kate, look forward to it, maybe have a ride up your way one day when the weathers a tad warmer.

Yep…plenty of room for an overniter too hon…

Had a bit of garage time (wore me thermals :slight_smile: ) on the Breva. Started to go through the front end and of course, all was going swimmingly until I discovered a seized mudguard mounting screw. An enjoyable time was spent with my buddies (drill, hammer, Dremel and impact driver). Oooo how I feel vindicated for my obsessive use of copper grease on assembly!

Not bad really - only two seized or stuck fasteners so far. Managed a lovely winter thrash on the CCM too :slight_smile:


Why does this image remind me of Mrs C? :wink:

Left the Guzzi in the garage and took the car to work. Kids are off so was pleasant enough.


Took delivery of the new NTX fuel union.
So nice and so cheap at £2.50 apiece that I bought two :wink:
Another step

Took mine to guzzi club…the bike count was 1 guzzi…2 bm’s and a yamaha…the pub was perishin…the beer was so flat it could ave been served in an envelope…but the company was wonderful…
Came out…and there was ice on me saddle…now that really takes me back…about 35 years…to the Highwayman…Rock night…Thursdays…hot and sweaty inside…tipped out into the freezin nite for the 20 mile ride home…glory days…
Carpe Diem all…

Caught up and followed you down the D-road in my car. Could hear those Keihan exhausts from 200 yards behind!

Another feature of the Blue Bell I discovered last night - the bog door has no handle on the inside and the damp/cold has swelled the door and made it jam so I was stuck! Had to phone Steve to get him to release me.

Ran all the bikes up today to get the Lucas Ethanol fuel stabiliser through their systems. This prevents the Ethanol doing its nasty things e.g. ‘phase separation’ and corrosion/gumming. Don’t normally do this as not had a problem in the past. But may not empty refill tanks on the bikes for 3/4 months and this ‘new’ fuel which is slowly sneaking in could be a problem. Other way of doing it is to use high Octane fuel. Most but not all at present have no Ethanol in.
I nicked some useful info on this
BP Ethanol is added at 5% to unleaded petrol at all sites across the UK. BP Ultimate (super unleaded petrol) does not have Ethanol added, except in the South West of England.
Esso Ethanol is added at 5% to unleaded petrol at most sites in the UK. Esso Super Unleaded petrol does not contain Ethanol, except in the South West of England (Devon & Cornwall)
Shell Shell has repeatedly refused to answer the question. It is therefore an assumption only, that all Shell petrol should be considered to contain 5% Ethanol.
Texaco Ethanol is added at 5% to unleaded petrol. Texaco Super Unleaded petrol does not contain Ethanol.
Total Ethanol is not added to any Total fuel (including standard unleaded petrol). Except in the North West and South East of England.

Only problem with is is when do the various bits of England e.g South East/west start!
Interesting not started bikes for well over a month and all started fine. 850T most sluggish. The Breva, Cali and V50 burst into life with no previous battery monitoring/charging.