What did you do with your Guzzi today ? 2019 .......

Happy New Year all just started a new thread

Have fun :smiley:

1st coat of black on my stripped Nevada pillion footrest hangers.

Took my T out for a blast on some empty roads. It’s a good time of year when everyone has done all their shopping and visiting, and whatever else they do at Xmas.

Didn’t have anywhere to go, just had to hear he music from my bike. :smiley:

Swapped fuel tap on Jug - took out the LH original and replaced with a reserve and filtered item. Pics on FB.

Well, on 31st Dec, went for my last ride of the year, lovely bimble first down to Wells to go to the bank, then along the Mendips, up through Cheddar gorge and home. Only 30 miles and it was a little damp, but quite pleasant nonetheless. Did give it a little wash before I put it away.

Now we have salt on the roads.

I am hoping the removal people have come today to fetch all the empty boxes out of the garage at our new house. So the project for the next week is to organise the garage for the forthcoming year.

Also need to service the LM at some point.

Had a lovely ride on New Years day. Dry roads no traffic. There were loads of bikes out. Even the bikers cafes were open.

Are you far from me Jim? I’m in North Dorset. We could meet up sometime and talk LMV’s!!!


Rode out on the Pearl in my jim jams to Gordo the tame mechanic to pick up a windscreen wiper for my Previa. It was cold out there. First ride of the new year.

Kevlar inserts in the jimjams? :wink:

Great Guzzi start to 2019.
New years eve with long term friends and Guzzisti.
New Years day drove out to meet the VMCC mob where there was a great selection f Guzzis from the Staffordshire, Cheshire, Derbyshire area.
Hoping to get onto some NTX detective work later today.
Have fun

2nd coat applied last night.

Well there is a lesson still to be learned there … as in I rode down to the local B&Q one weekend morning in my jim jams for an emergency sink plunger. What could possibly go wrong? Fell off the Pearl making a very neat pirouette on black ice in their car park.

Old dogs and all that.

I used to race bicycles at speeds of up to 50 per (down hill obviously), in lycra and a bandana and have enjoyed a few offs thusly attired, so perhaps a bit of road rash worries me a little less than for some others. Though I would imagine it is a lot more comfortable sliding up the road under a carbon bicycle than it is say a Loop Frame.

For a moment I thought you said striped!

Interesting viewpoint, I never got used to sliding down the road even when heavily padded. :open_mouth:

And you don’t heal as quick as when you was a 20-something either. :open_mouth:

A bit late but on the 1st, I got a rear puncture and came home in a van - which was a crying shame as it was a fantastic day for a ride :frowning:

Still, it forced the decision to fit some Avon Spirit STs both ends - which is nice

Pushrod comb for my BSA A10 turned up in the post yesterday. Guess what hateful job I will be undertaking shortly?

Had to Google that - oo-er! :smiley:

Practicing the black art of A10 pushrod combing while tastefully attired in yer Pink Panther Onesie.

If there is an after life, I’m going to spend all of eternity searching, then kicking the A10 pushrod designer hard in the plumbs. T’is a hateful job, can take 5 mins, but mostly 2hrs… :frowning:

Nearly as frustrating as bleeding air out of the T5 linked brake system… :unamused:

But Modern bikes also have their foibles, try swapping out the air filter on a 1200 Triumph Trophy, you’ll soon wish you were doing the A10 after that… :wink: