What did you do with your Guzzi today ? 2019 .......

Oh yes, I remember, swapping an air filter on a 1200 Triumph Trophy is a pain in the arse.

That’s clever. I typed a*se and it came out bottom on Preview/Submit. I’m tempted to try a few other choice words to see wot happens.
Roy Green from the Forest of Dean

Cracking ride out to the edge of the moors yesterday

IMG_2732 by Christopher Horton, on Flickr

As per posted FB pics - pulled my pals V50 to bits. Gearbox now goes to Nigel.

Took my youngest out to a local car park for a go of my SP370 and which she promptly fell off of. Brake pedal folded up like cheese - none too impressive on an off road bike I was thinking. She was complaining of a gammy foot after that. Told her that’s why you need to really love biking; if you don’t then it won’t be worth the pain, maiming and risk of death. Not sure it has put her off enough yet.

Wow, where is that?

It’s the Sir Tatton Sykes memorial just outside of Sledmere


Fitted Mistral polished silencers and new side panels with built in man bag!!

This one shows the difference from the rear, with the small (rh) new silencer against the huge (lh) original.

Sound lovely!!

Looks great

Are MOT testers and the Police no longer worried about the colour of number plates?


Doesn’t need an MOT yet Chris and the police are too slow.

The exhausts look lovely.

Not sure about the bag. Your make up might melt :laughing:

It’ll keep my chips warm.

I saw your mug on TV the other night Chris, rabbitting on about some old knackered Ducati I think.

Aye that was me :smiley:

Fame hasn’t changed me though. I won’t give up the day job!

Pictures no longer showing? :cry:

I can see em

Issue appears to be with some external links may be those hosts…

Attachments seem OK - I will investegate in next few days

What pictures?

Pictures in the previous page, reddogmag, about a new exhaust, I see nothing, just a grey no entry sign.

Yep, ditto that’s what Firefox does. :smiley: (If picture can’t be displayed.)

This is what me and Don-Spada see: