What did you do with your Guzzi today ? .......

Pinched the title off the Lavoida site, with name changed to protect the innocent !
So, I’ll set the ball rolling and see if owt happens…
Set off for work today on me lemon, decided to give him a birthday treat, well he is 34 years old after all ! One full tank and 25 quids worth of super unleaded later off we toddled , lovely warm dry ride, and he spent the rest of the day basking in the sunshine, until 10 minutes before home time, when it chucked it down…
No bliddy overtrousers, still, rain all but stopped, had a pleasant ride home, if a little damp. Dont mind the wet if I have’nt got to hurry. Encountered the usual 2 mile queue of creeping cars, poor lambs. Trundled past, decided to call at the shop for supplies. Coming out of the shop, stuffing the supplies into rucksack, was accosted by 3 drunken men, one of whom assured me he had a 1000 cc motorcycle at home that would give me a much bigger thrill, I doubt it said I yawning…
So, what did you do with your Guzzi today ?..guykate2013-06-12 19:06:29

I booked a flight for next Monday. I am going wheel hunting in Mandello for a week.


And we’re off…!

good timimg this thread ,i got up at 4am this morning to have a ride on 1100 sport before going work .Roads clear so it was good fun ,coming back from work heavy rain but stayed out in it to check electrics are ok on the bike .Had phone call today to say me new one off exhaust system for 650 guzzi is finished .Not a bad day at all

4 am ? Jeez Johnno, Respect ! Xx

Not mine, but I spent the afternoon thrashing Brian round the brands GP circuit
Oh what fun that bike rocks

(Morning spent on the evil little black bike, Bloke rode Brian)

Had a bash at cleaning the engine cases with whatever was lying around in the shed. Tried all sorts - Gunk, brake cleaner, degreaser, white spirit - and the winner was…Pledge furniture polish! Comes up a treat!Also found another oil leak…just the crush washer on the drain plug though, so no drama.

Had a look at Helen’s V11 in the garage and contemplated putting the wheels back on (new tyres!) but I left it walked to the pub instead.

Got the modified axle stands (5 quid on Gumtree) to sit nicely under the pork chops. I’ve bolted a bit of 4mm copolymer to each yoke to stop it scratching the paintwork. Just need a leeeeedle bit more height to get the rear wheel clear of the ground…

Bike at home me away at work wondering why the Centauro needed yet another set of front wheel bearings after the trip to Moto Coupe Legende…


Drained the cheap 2050 oil from the lemon without a filter change,1600 miles is the maximum I will travel on wilkinsons finest 9 £ a gallon liquid stuff.I promise to treat the girl to some quality oil one day soon,probably next oil change.34 yrs old also,probably appreciate higher grade liquid engineering.Cables next,starting with new accelerator cables for the tomaselli quick action throttle, then my mate graham is going to tune my baby once again,running ever so well after the last tune, but my mate is a perfectionist and assures me he can get her running even sweeter and that aint a bad thing.Guzzie buddies are so kind.

I wonder, do any Guzzisti here remember the Clays ? Julie Clays lovely old Guzzi is coming up to 250,000 miles ! ,done mostly on frequent changes of cheap oil Guzzibob, !

I rode my Guzzi to work, then rode it back.

What, so you’ve got to work and gone home already Mr D ?


No that was yesterday.At present I am attending work.I am about to make a mug of coffee and take 20 minutes to do a job that the previous incumbant took all morning over.And was promoted on the basis that she worked very hard.Nobody is in mourning over her departure.

Booked it into the dealer to check out the rattle and vibration that is getting worse

I looked at the rain gopping down, and left it in the garage. :frowning:

No no no.They’re not made of sugar.Some decent waterproofs and rainex on your visor and you’re away.Coffe was good and also tried to put the world to rights but no luck.
iandunmore2013-06-13 09:41:28

I am! I don’t mind getting wet if I’m out, but starting off in the rain really doesn’t set me up well for a day at work. I’d rather take the cage.