What did you do with your Moto Guzzi today? 2024

Pulled the Cali out of the garage today. First press - click-click. Nothing unusual there.

Second press, turned over (a little sluggish) and then bingo! Started on both cylinders without start-lever set. Great.

Just need to ride.

Built 1997 according to frame number. First Registered 2001 (must have been in a dealer’s for the intervening years).

Now 24922 miles or just over 1k per year. Must do better!

Still prefer the 1100 to the modern offerings.


What a nice ride.
Didn’t have anything specifically planned so a good reason as any to get the Cali out and go for a ride.

From Peterborough to Great Haywood to meet up with the Staffies. A good decision on my part. Great ride of 190 miles round trip broken with a couple of hours in the company of a very nice group of bikers.

Hopefully see you all another time.

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Great to meet you. Hopefully see you again over the coming year.
Regards to Alan and Laura

Back in the chilly garage this morning, top yoke off swapped the clock brackets and put some spacers above them (I knew I had made these for something but as it is over 20 years since I took the bike apart…) more chunky O rings over the spacers and put it all back together.

I have been comparing with old photos and it looks about right now, my only worry is my back that was 20 years younger last time I rode the beast, the bars look very low. But I’m not planning any long trips on her, I have the Stelvio for that!



No need to rush, the bike has been in boxes for ages. I managed to shear the crank, (ex girlfriend put sugar in the tank, now it has a locking filler!) Powder coated frame (satin black so as not to be too lairy) tank and side panels repainted, Clocks refurbished by Speedy Cables, seat recovered as well as a V7 dual seat, Baldrick rebuilt the engine about 2 years ago, wheels are re-laced, new discs for the front and new brake shoes for the rear drum brake, new horns, the list goes on… I need to keep up the momentum now that I have started again. :roll_eyes:


Does that say: 950S?


It does indeed, so it does not get mixed up with a 750S. It started life in 1974 as an 850T it now has a 950 engine with large valves, 36mm carbs and twin spark heads. All that and it still hasn’t run for over 20 years!

You might spot a MkI Le Mans faring on the wall behind it, I bought that in Italy in 1989 and still haven’t fitted it!


I did paint 750S on the side panels originally but I was was worried that people might think I was trying to pull the wool over their eyes, so when the original 850 engine piston fell apart and scored the bore I fitted a V1000 Convert engine that a friend was breaking. So 950S it became and is still

This is in original 850T as bought in 1987, apart from the fat seat as my original was split, I think it came from a Convert. Note Busso silencers

First rebuild after a front end disaster (blind motorist) in mid 1988 as 750S the silencers were original 750S but far too restrictive for my liking.

With the 950 engine in 1995 and the Busso silencers painted black. White jeans were a mistake as there was an oil weep from a base gasket. The photo was taken in Brittany, I rode it down to the South of France as well, but the seat was not the best for distance work!

Finally in 1998, quite liked the blue colour but the stainless silencers from O&S were pants, I have now found some new old stock Busso silencers, as I had when I bought the bike.


Ah ! Nothing yet as the day is only just beginning…Tempted by a Local bike meeting at the Valkyrie if the weather holds off…a few books to take to the charity shop…lol…my Guzzi has to work for a living…


Had a cracking 150 mile ride through Weardale, Teesdale, and the Yorkshire dales

Absolute bliss :blush: :+1:


Nearly there now Chris. I hope to see it on the road by the summer. :grin:

Grand lunchtime meet at Heage Windwill with 30ish Guzzisti from Staffordshire, Warwickshire eNotrs&Derby branches. Also good to see people from other areas including a couple eho had ridden 3 hours from Anglesey for the meet up.

The Cardellino restoration is almost complete, but no petrol tank as it is still away being painted.
So today, rigged up a temporary fuel supply, as you can see in the photos, and started the engine for the first time.
A little bit reluctant starting, as I had put a lot of oil in the plug hole, so the mixture needed to sort itself out. Now starting first time.
The lights all worked, but switches needed a bit of “jiggling” (the joys of Italian electrics).
The painter tells me he is off on holiday soon,so guess he will need some cash, so hopefully this may speed up the return of my tank.


At long last got the Le Mans MK2 fired up today for the first time after taking it off the road. I rode around my village as the first test after adding Sashe electronic ignition, HO alternator, new seat, new unconnected exhaust pipes, rear mudguard repairs etc. Spent a small fortune…
It’s not ran for over a year, and has lived on the hydraulic bike lift table.
Still awaiting for the aluminium deep dome alternator cover to arrive (ordered last year) so put the plastic cover on with some extended bolts.
Hey it fired up first time, although kept getting a misfire on the RH side so it’s back to the bike lift for probing.
Feeling almost elated lol.


Breaking-in completed with a daily round trip Exeter-London…376miles… final 100 miles under showers…but all good at the end. Very nice trip


Healthy turnout for Staffies and guests at Heage Windmill on Easter Sunday. 30ish Guzzisti mostly Guzzi mounted. V100s and V85s aplenty. Smattering of older stuff too.


Just ordered a new BT46 rear tyre for the Breva. She’s still in ‘Hivernage’ (a bit like SORN, but for insurance here in France). Might have a go at fitting it myself, but will more likely take it to one of the local bike mechanics and get a new valve fitted at the same time.
From pneus-online: 119 euro.

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Put my lovely v85tt into the back of a harley davidson van for service, iron city in leeds happy to pick it up and drop it off afterwards :+1:. Lets see how it goes :slightly_smiling_face:

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