What does this do on a Convert please ?

What does this bit do on a convert and should it have a cable attached ? Certainly looks like it should.

Cheers Darryl


might be talking rubbish but I think its were the park brake goes and operates off the sidestand

I know the convert has a park brake

TBH Ray, I think you are bang on the money. That makes sense.

Cheers Darryl

Tis the parking brake, operated as ESB says by the side stand, stops the bike creeping forward if the revs are a bit high.

As a matter of curiosity, does a Convert have a neutral or not?


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I take it then that it has a cable on to rear disc caliper and does it operate a mechanical cam pressing pads to disc ?

There’s an extra small cable opererated caliper mounted below the conventional rear caliper, I don’t think it is fitted to stop the bike creeping forwards with a high tickover because using the sidestand cuts the ignition Much more likely to be that the Convert has no engine braking so can’t be left in gear when parked to stop it rolling away on a slope.
I’ll post a picture of the caliper tomorrow unless someone else beats me to it. Normski2013-08-25 20:26:59

it is referred to as a parking brake, as Normski says - with side stand down engine cuts off

Not mine. I have got not clutch switch or stand switch, so it is all that stops the bike taking off if you give it a bit of throttle, that is, except for the clutch of course. As far as I can see most bikes have lost these switches over the years.

Hope you still have the parking caliper and pads as they are made of unobtanium. Did a mod on a JZR kit car, for the handbrake, using an early Honda 100 mechanical caliper which fitted where the Convert caliper went with only minor mods. Mind you the Honda caliper might be hard to find now.Cheers, Gerry.PS the sidestand actuated brake did both jobs, holding the bike if parked on a hill and stopped it taking off while the engine was running and you got your lid and gloves on.
Duffo2013-08-29 16:13:44

Hi, the reason i asked was that a convert on ebay i fancied clearly did not have this item fitted. The importers had no idea about this and my concern was that it would cost a fortune to sort.

I ended up not bidding and it sold this week for £2150.

Cheers Daz

I am sure I’ve seen them for sale on ebay USA if not here.Are you going to bid on the white one?jmee542013-08-29 20:40:10

I doubt it at the moment

Watched both the imported job in Winchester and my old one in Lincoln, 'er indoors persuaded me to keep the Breva and not go back on my old Convert, the imported one was missing some bits which could be hard to find.

Hey Gerry. There is another convert for sale in Bikes for sale, and it’s just down the road from you in Southampton. Think someone is trying to tempt you!!


It does on my dash … There IS a Neutra; warming light in the V1000 Convert wiring diagram and also on the V1000 Convert dash in the convert/G5 service manual. There is actually a clutch in there and between lo and Hi there Is a neutral. But then Guzzi do alter stuff.

The park Brake cut off switch and clutch cut out switches are very important on a Convert due to the way the auto box can take off with the engine running.

The pic IS the park brake only of use on the Convert…it operates a cable to a separate rear caliper the pads really don’t wear BUT they can come away from the backing and are very very expensive IF you can find them.

On ANY bike with a gearbox you leave it in gear, which is no use with a convertguzzibear2013-08-31 13:11:00

The neutral warning light on the dash is operated by the switch in the clutch cable and this if fitted and working as it is supposed to needs to light before the starter will spin.
I will post a piccy of the parking brake caliper but I have been very busy during daylight hours and I’m not good at taking pictures with flash.
A neutral would be really helpful for town driving - I’ve never tried to find one between the high and low range - is it reliable to use??Normski2013-08-31 20:54:03

Not sure how the neutral WL works on the Convert as although mine was BUILT as a Convert and had all the extras BUT had a 5 speed box attached when I adopted it.

I did take the clutch cut out switch off as it is not required and the park brake off it worked BUt far easier to pop it in gear.