Whatsapp group for rideouts

I have created a whatsapp group in order to make it easier for Fb users and non users to keep in contact with each other with regard to rideouts. If anyone would like to be added to it, please send me a message.


Excellent! The Staffies group works well for planning, questions and last minute updates. FWIW we have an Events group and a Q&A group for branch updates etc. Makes events information easier to find.

Is that just Staffs or UK wide?


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If its going to be a UK wide rideout group, please let me know and im in :+1:

We have members from Staffs, Cheshire, Notts &, Warwickshire. We do a lot of multi branch meetings.

Apologies, I should have been clearer. It is intended to be a group for South Linc’s members to exchange information regarding rides.

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OK :+1: seems like a good idea tho, esp for those of us that dont do facebook. I quite often pop to “squires” cafe for a brew and think its a shame im the only guzzi in the car park.

Lots of us don’t do fb and there’s another thread on that subject but hey oh.

Don’t know where you are Sparkieb, but this coming Saturday our ride out is to Sutton On Sea for a fish n chips lunch. This is the original posting

If you’re free, you’d be most welcome as would any other members.

Setting up a branch or Guzzisti WhatsApp group isn’t difficult.