Who to use for spares??

Who can you recommend for good quality new spare parts for loop frame models, and please don;'t say Moto Corsa, or Gutsibits, as one can’t be trusted to give the right price (adding VAT to the retail price) and the other supplying sub standard new parts that don’t fit, or are delivered in an unusable condition, so as a consequence again can’t be trusted. So who do we trust to supply good quality parts? or do I have to order from the USA.

I have used Stein Dinse in Germany and have been pleased with the quality and service. I do not know if they do parts for Loop frame bikes though.

Never used Moto Corsa but used Gutsibits so from my experience with them any problems have been sorted over the phone and part received next day .
VAT is something we all have to suffer but what niggles the most is the way government seems to throw our taxes at half arsed projects/schemes and when they over run the tax payer still has to cough up more without those responsible being brought to book (rant over going for a lay down now) :frowning:

:laughing: Mike…
Used both…not had any issues…tho I seem to recall somebody charging vat on the postage element…not sure who tho…Stein Dinse usually top quality…and of course we no longer have Corsa Italiana as an option…
There is also Harpers in the good ole…
Theres also Nicks Euro Bits…

I have had great service from Gutsibits, but do also use Motomecca with great results.


I second that !

It is in appropriate to criticise individuals or companies on our club forum so would everyone refrain from doing so.
There are plenty of feedback sites that are suitable for that.

Not sure about loops but when running such old bikes it is always going to be a case of ringing around. I would echo the Stein Dinse recommendation, and would also mention it could be worth a chat with Teo Lamers. I can also recommend Agostinis in Mandello who obviously have great knowledge. In the US MGCycle list loop spares on their website and I have bought from them once without problem. When buying from the US though you need to be careful regarding freight costs and the import VAT.

I too have had good service from both Gutsibits and Moto Mecca and they would still be my first call.

Not sure why people can t criticise on here though if they get bad service. Everyone has rallied to support them so it seems like an unfortunate isolated incident, but if someone is really letting members down why on earth could it not be discussed here? More excessive censorship methinks.

In the balance of fairness then, if one is not allowed to openly criticise a company who gave out bad service, then surely we are not allowed to openly praise a company either! or does this only work in one direction?

I was under the impression that it is a legal requirement to include VAT in any catalogues for brochures for the general public, whereas trade stuff has the price minus VAT
machine mart for instance quotes both prices

I’ve found HMB are pretty good.
Also, if you have the part numbers, try typing into Google. Sometimes come up with alternative options for suppliers.

Am not comfortable with openly slagging anybody off online… which is what it comes down to…but then…I am not sure that anything I may say is absolutely right… .or wrong for that matter…
I didnt like the tone of the original post …sorry n all that…I usuaĺly just vote with my feet…

So do I, but I want to know where my feet are going to take my wallet :mrgreen:

I’ve never had a problem with Gutsibits and parts usually arrive next day. I use Stien Dinse, Teo Lamers,HMB, Moto Renzo, LGC Mandello and anyone else who I can find, often Ebay UK, NL, DE, IT, USA. USA expensive vat and duty, but some bargains.

have you tried fowlers of bristol the have a very good online catalogs . i don’t have a loop frame bike but have found them very efficient on the parts for the more modern bikes i own. You do have to be realistic when trying to obtain parts for bike which have been out of production for over forty years a lot of the parts will be unobtainable new or only available second hand or often as poor quality pattern parts

No I haven’t tried Fowlers, thanks for the heads up. look at the bikes I own right now, I know all about being realistic, the sheer number of classic bikes I have restored and put back into circulation would at the very least shock you, so I also know about pattern parts, but when suppliers can’t even provide basic service parts that fit, then there is something wrong. I would post a photo on here of the supplied handlebars, but I would probably get sent another email telling me I was out of order again.

As for the VAT, I know we have to pay VAT. but the company concerned (no name included) was actually trying to charge me VAT on the retail price of a part, not the NET price! I have now got the part at the correct retail price from another supplier. a saving of £25.00 from the price quoted by the Guzzi people. so beware and check prices before ordering.

And if anybody wants three brand new clutch cables that have been made wrong and don’t fit the lever, and a new set of handlebars that have been made with too much chrome so the throttle doesn’t fit without rubbing the chrome down, and have different bends from one side to the other, then just ask.
But hey! everything is just grand in the Guzzi spare parts world apparently.

Have you talked to Guy at Gutsibits about these problems.
They may have a problem with their suppliers which they do not know about.
I certainly have had no problems with them, will be ringing them for 750 Breva parts later today.

I’ve got two Loops.In fact, one of them is pictured on your website.I’ve had good service from Gutsibits, Stein Dinse and Teo Lamers.Using US-based companies would I imagine put the costs up because of freight charges.I never buy ready made control cables, I always get them made at JJ Cables so that they fit properly and are usually H-D.
I really can’t think of anything to complain about :smiley:

We too make up our own cables…

I have used Motomecca, I have found them helpful, and prompt with dispatch, and genuine O/E parts
I dont want pattern rubbish on my modernish guzzi

also used several other suppliers who advertise in the club, not had any problems at all

however pattern parts for older vehicles can be a minefield
I won a classic car, and their are some right muppets out there who think any old crap will fit
my car dates from 58 to early 61, the 61 to 72 models are quite different, adn yet several suppliers have tried to send me stuff that will not fit
now i just stick with one firm whom I trust, he has just supplied me with some replica body panels, they are better finished than the origionals !

Also beware of import duty.