I can produce colour wiring diagrams at A3 size and laminate them. There are free ones on the interweb by Carl Allison but I find that the colours are a little hard to see as the lines are a bit fine, especially when the wire is two coloured. The ones I produce I have been drawn by me and have much thicker wires and so make them easier to read.

Being in colour they make sorting out which wire goes where very easy unlike the maze that is shown in the back of most workshop manuals! I have found some discrepancies in Carl Allison’s diagrams with those shown in workshop manuals, where possible I have used Moto Guzzi workshop manuals for my reference, however there may be variations from bike to bike within a model range and also there may be alterations carried out by you or previous owners. I can therefore take no responsibility as to the accuracy of the diagrams with respect to your own bike.

I can supply laminated A3 colour diagrams £7.50 each (£5.00 each for addition prints dispatched with the same order) to cover printing and laminating costs plus £5.00 postage and packing to the UK (£7.50 p&p to Ireland and Europe, £12.50 p&p worldwide) per order up to 5 diagrams. If you send me money via PayPal please check the “I’m sending money to family or friends” radio button and NOT the “I’m paying for goods or services” radio button as otherwise it will cost me 5% to receive the payment. Digital copies as PDF files are £1.00 per issue for unlimited diagrams, handy to have on your smart phone or tablet. PM me if you would like any further information.

Models now available
1967/76 V7 European
1967/69 V7 USA
1969/72 V750 Ambassador
1969/72 V750 Ambassador Police
1969/76 Nuovo Falcone
1971/75 V7 SPORT
1972/74 V850 Eldorado
1973/74 750 S
1973/75 850 T
1975/76 750 S3
1975/87 850 T3
1975/87 850 T3 California
1975/78 850 Le Mans
1975/84 V1000 Convert
1977/79 V35
1977/80 V50
1978/83 1000 G5
1978/83 1000 SP/NT (without PCB)
Later 1000 SP I (with PCB)
1978/81 850 Le Mans II (without PCB)
Later 850 Le Mans II (with PCB)
1979/80 V50 II
1979/81 V35 Imola
1979/81 V50 Monza
1980/85 V35 II
1980/86 V50 III
1985/90 V35 III
1985/90 V75
1987/92 California III (carb)
1988/92 1000 SP III
1993/99 1000 California EV
1997/00 1100 California EV
1998/01 California Special
1999/01 California Jackal
2001/02 California Special Sport
2001/04 1100 California EV
2001/03 California Stone
2001/03 California Stone Chrome
2002/03 California Special Aluminium
2002/03 California EV80
2002/06 California EV Touring
2005/11 1100 Breva (currently redrawing)

Here is a sample, my 950S wiring diagram. It is drawn on a CAD system and the quality is pin sharp, but I have reduced the quality to reduce the files size for on here so it is a bit pixely! Printed at best quality at A3 you can easily read all the numbers on the multi pin connectors!
Chris950s2013-04-08 07:55:40

Just received a copy of one of Chris’s wiring diagrams. Great quality, colour and clarity fantastic - accurate as well. Highly recommended

That’s quite a job you have done there. Looks really good.I have often thought of doing a CAD wiring diagram with the different circuits, lighting, charging, ignition, starter circuit etc on individual layers so you when you are working on a specific problem you can easily identify just the necessary wiring relevant to the problem. Problem is that it only works for those with a CAD system to use the functions.

Just received the T3 and LM1 versions.Good enough to frame and put on the wall as a piece of art.Small and tough enough to pack up and take on the bike just in case.Stunning!Steve

Just received a version for my 850T. Quality item and no excuses now for any bodged wiring.

As someone said its good enough to frame.

As has been stated above, a huge improvement over original and excellent value for money. Now I dont have to keep putting my glasses on and getting the magnyfying glass out, and cross referencing the number codes. If you’re doing a re-wire you’d be daft not to buy one.Thanks Chris.
ReggieV2013-01-03 10:56:49

Thanx Chris, Bloke is well chuffed with the laminate and the email version

A huge improvement on my " take the manual pic, blow it up to A3, translate the Italian and laminate it " version

I have found faults on the Carl Allison ones, he often shows Black/Blue wires as Black/White (on the originals they are N-B and N-Bi respectively) also found some other small discrepancies, but generally they are very good but beware!

These diagrams are superb and well worth buying, £5 is still cheap!

Bought one of these diagrams a few weeks ago for the T3. I’ve just been in the garage tidying up some wiring on her and the diagram was perfect and a great help. Thanks Chris

I’ll add my name to the growing list. The laminated wiring diagram I ordered arrived today. A quality product, well packaged. Well done Chris. Thanks. Dave Mk 2. Bolton area.

Four hour turnaround. Excellent service, thank you Chris


I am at a bit of a quandary with the newer Guzzis, the electrics are so complicated that I have to scale everything down to get them onto an A3 sheet also there are more two coloured wires so they start getting harder to read. I was going to go back to earlier models as these are easier to draw, but will get a copy of the original Griso Italian diagram and have a think about it  :unamused:

i love these drawings and have a few as never know if i will need them in the future as collection grows
think Don said in the early days they would be nice on transparencies so you could overlay them ie ignition - charging etc
but they are done at a very very good price and very good quality as a help to owners and i dont think he is going to retire a millionaire on the proceeds
the initial laying out and interpretation of the originals must take a good while

I like the idea of the transparencies but i also appreciate that if done the cost goes up from £5.00 a full drawing to maybe on the modern ones £20 a drawing (4 sheets)

If they ever get done this way i will order a set but as said appreciate the fact that a member is spending time to help others out for not a lot of cash for hours spent

Thank you for your kind words Ray.

I draw the diagrams on separate layers on my computer so that each colour wire can be isolated, it would be possible therefore to print any diagram on separate sheets showing only ignition/lights/charging/accessories etc however printing on clear sheet so that they can be overlain is the problem. On the older bikes with simple wiring this is not necessary.

I have inkjet printers that are not the best on tracing paper and that not only is translucent not transparent also it distorts with heat from the lamination process. I have tried printing on acetate but the ink rubs off.

What I charge has no relation to the time I spend drawing these. Maybe I will do more this winter but at the moment after the Breva 1100 one, that took ages to draw, I am a bit digramed out :open_mouth: Â

The problem with the later ones is not the complexity to draw but as there are so many wires it becomes harder to cram them all onto an A3 sheet in such a way that they are still legible. I will revisit the Brevas soon, however as I am still self employable and also a busy grandfather my free time is valuable and at the moment split between sailing and rebuilding my old Guzzi (neither of which are progressing as fast as I would like)

Watch this space…

Hello, do you have a wiring diagram for a 150 Airone? Thanks/Regards Beta.

Hello Beta, I haven’t drawn one myself and I can’t find a workshop diagram with on in. Here is a link to Carl Allison’s one for an Airone 250, is this similar? http://www.thisoldtractor.com/guzzi007/pdfs/1939_Airone-250ST.pdf I hope it helps

My wiring diagrams are still available here exclusively on the MGCGB forum as I no longer advertise them elsewhere. There is no problem with copyright, as has been suggested on another forum, as I draw these myself. I stopped this service to other forums (fora?) by my own choice but will continue here as long as people want this service.

Please ask me if your model is not on the list and I will consider producing a wiring diagram. If you have already asked me and I have still not drawn one, please send me a reminder, I still work from home so my time is limited in producing these.

Please note that the models with ECU are very complicated and do nopt print well at A3, I did produce a diagram for a Breva 1100 but I have lost it due to a hard drive change, but it would probably print better at A2 which I cannot print or laminate at home so these would increase my costs.

Best wishes